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Pak Ali: a life spent helping the community

Singapore - Pulau Ubin island

Pak Ali: a life spent helping the community


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004 Italy Feeling all five senses in Tuscany and Umbria Kiss From The World travel and people magazine 1

Shopping fever and a dip in the wild

Are you ready to go shopping crazy?

In Farniole, in the province of Arezzo, there’s a little village which has all the same features of a typical Tuscan town centre. It’s called Valdichiano Outlet Village.

With more than 140 big brand shops selling goods at incredible prices, this place can sate the thirst of any shopper.

Where do we start? Dilemma! There are so many brands here that deciding where to start without missing out on any of them is a tough one.

Like the best Tuscan town centres, there are streets going in every direction. We take one.

We go crazy for different coloured t-shirts in all kinds of styles. And they’re endless here, each nicer than the last.

Whenever we travel we need three things: lightweight, robust luggage; tracksuits; …

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3 china ranch dates brian bonnie brown shoshone tecopa mojave desert california usa kiss from the world magazine travel and people x

The oasis in the desert

  • U.S.A.
  • | Las Vegas Tecopa Las Vegas | 373 km
  • | comments 0

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002 Thailand Krabi The Royal Nakara Ao Nang    LoVed it  Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

The Royal Nakara Ao Nang… LoVed it!

One of the important factor while travelling is having a comfortable accommodation which fits the budget. After browsing some reviews online and in my favorite site ‘TripAdvisor’ for accommodations in Krabi, we decided to go ahead with Royal Nakara Ao Nang. It may not be the cheapest place to get but it is reasonable value. What I was comfortable that most reviews say it’s clean and safe. We paid about RM307 (which is about USD93) for 3 days 2 night stay which was booked through Agoda. This is inclusive of breakfast. We booked it through Agoda site which is my first time!We arrived on 27th …

Cammal Brown Boy Speaks avatar

002 Portugal Lisbon  Cafe  amp  castles  Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Cafe & castles

This holiday I am doing differently … this holiday I will not leave the desert of Abu Dhabi in a trail of dust as soon as school lets out … this holiday I will give myself time to prepare … time to think … time to spend with myself. I am embarking on this holiday alone … I will go where I please, see what I like, be on my own schedule … I will not feel responsible to or for anyone traveling with me … I will not need to ask the opinion of others or the desires, likes or dislikes of anyone save myself. I am going to Portugal – where I will wander streets, find cozy cafes, people watch, hope to …

Keitsa  Brisson avatar

001 Hong Kong  Food of Hong Kong  039 s traditional markets Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

by Aaron Watson & Helen Whitter

001 Peru Iquitos A Stranger   s Kindness in Iquitos  Per   Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

A Stranger’s Kindness in Iquitos, Perú

A stranger’s kindness is a pleasant surprise nowadays. More so when you come across this kindness when traveling; it helps you believe that are still genuine people in this world. People that aren't wrapped up in their everyday world and aren't being able to see outside their own universe and know that there are other people in this world. Unfortunately traits like kindness, being caring, helpfulness and courteous towards strangers is becoming a dying occurrence in society; at least in the United States. Though random acts of kindness do occur, it’s not as often as it should be. This is …

Mauri Fabio avatar

001 Italy Rome Finding Colosseo Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Finding Colosseo

Seeing the Colosseum has to be one of the most magnificent & memorable travel experiences I’ve had. When your travelling alone & without the convenience of your iPhone map, you tend to wing it with directions & hope for the best. When i first arrived in Rome i knew i was only going to be there for about 30 hours. I had to make the most of my time.Unknowingly i had booked a hostel that happened to be located right across the street from Roma Termini/ Rome Terminal. You will appreciate those lucky moments when you have them. With a quick look at the metro map & a thought that id most likely get …

Jessica Rogers avatar

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001 U.S.A. yws citta Iconic Newport Beach Skyline Kiss From The World travel and people magazine 1

ph. Priyal Shah

medals number medals number
001 Canada yws citta Mr Grizzly and I  Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

ph. Cristina Grifoni

medals number medals number medals number

Mr Grizzly and I

001 New Zealand yws citta Sunset in New Zealand Kiss From The World travel and people magazine 1

ph. Kirsten Cowie

medals number medals number

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iPeople video

Iron and art in Village Croix-des-Bouquets kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Iron and art in Village Croix-des-Bouquets

François Claude: “We’re in Croix-des-Bouquets, a city in Haiti’s West department. Our workshop, called Serge Jolimeau, is situated …

Not just green but great Mocking Bird Hill Hotel kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Not just green but great: Mocking Bird Hill Hotel

“I’m Barbara, owner of the Mocking Bird Hill Hotel. The hotel is located in Port Antonio, on a hill in the north-east region of …

Mozambique  the untouched Bazaruto archipelago kiss from the world travel and people magazine
chef Bobo - part IV kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Chef Bobo - part IV

“I really love the countryside and I own 5 hectares of land. 23 years ago I had a farm with almost two thousand animals. I built my …

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kaleidoscopes video photo video


All Heroes kiss from the world travel and people magazine

All Heroes

January 19, 2014 6.25 p.m. The Secchia River bursts its bank. Bastiglia and Bomporto, two municipalities in the province of Modena, are …

We are Korogocho kiss from the world travel and people magazine

We are Korogocho

“We make our way through the trash at the dumping site of Dandora, then we cross a pedestrian bridge and a rusty entrance door made …

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history video

Powerful and majestic Poseidonia  Paestum   Part II kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Powerful and majestic: Poseidonia, Paestum - II

The amphitheater was built with bricks and pillars, some of which collapsed. The spectators could reach their seats through the stairs …

The desert castle keeper kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The desert castle keeper

“My name is Hakim and I’m a Bedouin. I’m the keeper of the Qasr Amra desert castle, built by King Umayyad Caliph Walid I in the VIII …

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animals video

Sea turtle farm warriors kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Sea turtle farm warriors

“I’m Priyantha, welcome to Silver Green, Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery for the breeding and protection of sea turtles. …

Khama Rhino Sanctuary  a community project kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Khama Rhino Sanctuary: a community project

“My name is Sydney. I’m a guide at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, a community-based project led by three villages: Serowe, Mabeleapodi and …

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post-it video video

Life along the Tonle Sap


Life along the Tonle Sap

Men back from fishing kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Men back from fishing

Negombo is one of those cities where people are always happy. White sand, modern lifestyle, a lively nightlife, hotels, guest houses, …

Valle Brembana a land that forges body and soul kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Valle Brembana: a land that forges body and soul

From the peak of the Pizzo del Diavolo you can walk to the largest of the four springs that feed the Brembo River. This waterway …

A path to Heaven kiss from the world travel and people magazine

A path to Heaven

“We are on the Hualapai Hilltop, a 900-meter-high hilltop on the Hualapai Canyon. We have to reach Supai, the most remote village of …

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travel & help video photo text

Elize energy, passion and love - part II kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Elize: energy, passion and love - part II

“My name is Paulo, I was born in the Kilimanjaro region. My parents argued a lot, so my mom went away and brought me along. We didn …

Weaving the future of women in Botswana kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Weaving the future of women in Botswana

My name is Neo Tau. I work as a secretary and weaver at Oodi Weavers, where we produce handmade wool tapestries. The Oodi Weavers …

The Jonah Project love never fails kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The Jonah Project: love never fails

“I’m Patrick Ersig, and I’m part of the Jonah Project. We are in downtown Los Angeles, in the loft district of Skid Row, home to …

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sexy world video Dr. Allen s lingerie party kiss from the world travel and people magazine Dr. Allen's lingerie party

“We are in Manhattan Beach - Los Angeles, one of the hottest scenes in California, and this is Dr. Allen's Lingerie Party. Once a …

The Pepenero sexy gang - part III kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The Pepenero sexy gang - part III

“Our staff includes girls of different heights: tall, short, thin, curvy, those who can do acrobatics at the pole… At Pepenero we …

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001 Australia Fraser Island Binngih Sandblow Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

ph. Domenico Pacifico

Binngih Sandblow

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people are talking

user avatar

Sneha commented on
Love You: Bangalore/Bengaluru!

Thanks Shaunak smile glad you could find the article helpful, enjoy your stay in Bengaluru.

user avatar

Shaunak commented on
Love You: Bangalore/Bengaluru!

This article has come at a right time for me. I am about to come to Bangalore, purely from blogging point of view and this post of yours will certainly help me smile

user avatar

Jonathan commented on
Northern Mallorca

Good read! Glad your time was so positive, it's a fabulous island. Jonathan

user avatar

Gaia commented on
Trains Of The World

Nice! I love train travel too! The Rocky Mountaineer is definitely on my list!

user avatar

Keith commented on
A dream of Bath

You also need to visit Sally Lunn's tea room. Those Sally Lunn buns are to kill for ... and there's an interesting museum there, too.

user avatar

Meg commented on
A Day in the Life of a Chinese Summer Camp Teacher

Haha, I'm heading to teach camp soon. Long days ahead!

user avatar

Rodrigo commented on
Thessaloniki, my unexpected crush

@Eleftheria: I don't doubt it for one bit and I'd be happy to be back to Thessaloniki! smile

user avatar

Eleftheria commented on
Thessaloniki, my unexpected crush

I will have to disagree on the part of ''few monuments''. The city is packed with monuments, but they are so incorporated in every-day life that they're not seen as ancient monuments, but as living places. Perhaps you might want to visit one more time to take a proper look around. smile

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Reporter's Life video photo text

The world of a reporter that is open to everyone

TAKE PART in our exclusive workshops and live the experience of a reporter.

You’ll be part of a group of journalists.

You will have a mission to complete: create and publish your reportage.

At any cost!

Our photography workshops are one, two or three week journeys spent travelling around the world with our reporters giving you the chance to live in a group of journalists and ...

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blog posts photo text

Pasquale Seneca avatar

Pasquale Seneca

Cycle along: sightseeing in Florence on two wheels

Many hotels in Florence offer the possibility to rent a bike, and this mean of transport is getting more popular concerning guided tours as well. When spring comes up and the days start getting warmer and sunnier, Tuscany becomes more than ever a postcard picture-like place, thanks to its ideal position right in the middle of the Italian peninsula. During this time of the year, the temperatures allow to enjoy at their most outdoor activities and the beauties that a city …

Shaunak Marulkar avatar

Shaunak Marulkar
Travel Blogger

7 Basic Things Travel Taught Me

More than school and college, more than my MBA college – that calls itself as the one offering ultimate exposure to best management practices and real life experiences – I think TRAVEL features right up there on the list as one of the best contenders for being “a real teacher”. I learnt it myself and now I tell others, that rather than learning about somebody or something from someone else’s eyes, it is always better to experience it yourself, to the extent possible. …

Heather A. avatar

Heather A.
Part-Time Traveler, Writer

Classic Beijing: Visiting a Hutong Neighborhood

We had a very full day in Beijing, and after going to the Forbidden City (post here), we took a a pedicab ride around a Hutong neighborhood. I think this can sometimes be pretty hokey--and there tons of guys waiting there on bikes for tourists--but our guide was really personable and funny and it was very interesting. His English was good and he, I think, was a born a salesman or entertainer...even though there was nothing to sell. Our rates were also prearranged, so …

Keith Kellett avatar

Keith Kellett


I suppose the natives of the volcanic island of Santorini will never forget the date 1450 BC. Around that date, Santorini erupted, to cause the biggest explosion in recorded history, and to wipe out a civilisation … although exactly how depends on which television archaeologist you believe.The eruption left the world’s biggest caldera, or crater, and all that remained of its walls were the main island, the neighbouring island of Thirassia and the outlying islet of …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Top 7 Tourist Destinations in Northern Australia

Exploring the continent of Australia is a dream for many adventurers and visitors. Still, getting your itinerary on point might turn out to be harder than expected, with all the essentials this country has to offer in terms of exploring and valuable sights to see. Therefore, if you’re wondering what’s the best way to ensure you won’t miss a thing, the solution might lie in dividing your journey into sections. Start your travels in the north of the country and make your …

Shaunak Marulkar avatar

Shaunak Marulkar
Travel Blogger

Top 7 Must-See Spots in Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram has been, for ages, one of the most frequented tourist places in India, especially from the pilgrimage point of view. This is the same place that the Indians, across the world, have heard all through in their lives, when they spoke and listened to the epic Ramayana. The town has been at the centre of a lot of action when Lord Rama and his team brought back Seeta from the mighty King Ravana, based in Sri Lanka. Having had a journey myself on India’s Longest …

Shaunak Marulkar avatar

Shaunak Marulkar
Travel Blogger

Why I Do Solo Travel & Why You Should Too !

There is a very strange but positive thing I have been seeing lately in India. That of Solo Travel… Young boys & girls in their 20s, donning the role & essence of “Backpackers” who are willing more than ever to travel & explore on their own. Yes, we as Indians, are late on this aspect but thankfully not because of our fears or incapability. There are reasons other than that, some of them relating to mental conditioning of having different bigger priorities in life etc. …

Rodrigo Vaz avatar

Rodrigo Vaz

The little things: chance meetings before scheduled ones

My posts here at KFTW have no style or aesthetic ambitions. This one is no different.I was in Brussels earlier this year, in March. I was staying the weekend and thought I’d meet up with some friends. But I arrived around 1pm and I wouldn’t meet anyone before 4pm. I had some time to kill, then, and catching a free, public wi-fi network around Brussels proved nothing short of impossible. I didn’t want to stay at a cafe and make time. I was doomed, then: I had to face the …

Ben  Whitmarsh avatar

Ben Whitmarsh

Egypt, with top broadcaster Michael Portillo

Michael Portillo knows a thing or two about travel. The popular shows 'Great British Railway Journeys', 'Great Continental Railway Journeys' and 'Great American Railroad Journeys' have all had the former MP at the helm. He is also a huge fan of Egypt, calling it “the most impressive places I’ve been to”In this video, he refers to the banning of flights from the UK to Sharm El Sheikh, calling it a "big blow to Egypt and British visitors"Talking of his trips to Egypt, …

Gaia Zol avatar

Gaia Zol
Marketing Assistant

An Itinerary through Western Turkey: Travel from Istanbul to Izmir

“No, Ezio, I am not going in there!” my mother said to my father, who was pointing at the hot springs with enthusiasm. Despite the rejection, he didn’t stop smiling. He took me by the arm, picked a travertine and we walked into the water. We immediately relaxed. My father stuck his tongue at my mother.From my comfortable and warm seat I could see the landscape below. We had arrived in Pamukkale after hours on a bus that stopped every few minutes, making the ride from …

Rohan  Jha avatar

Rohan Jha
Blogger, Traveler

5 Destinations That Are Home To Top Yoga Retreats In India

A legacy more than 5000 years old, Yoga is known to have cured even the deadliest diseases where even medical science failed. Now that might be rarity, but it certainly promotes a healthy lifestyle and assures benefits like better digestion, respiration, and body shape. India, as a yoga destinations, attracts a number of health conscious people from all over the world. If you are also looking for a healthy and refreshing vacation, here are the 5 top Yoga retreats in …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Popular Casino Resorts Around the World

The new tourist attraction has come to the stage – casinos. Over the past several years, the number of casinos world-wide has risen causing an increase in tourism. Casinos and tourism have become closely intertwined, and each of them affects the development of the other. The new industry is taking over the world and luring tourists who are seeking excitement and entertainment associated almost exclusively with Las Vegas – up until now. If you want to try your luck and …

Jael  Ancker avatar

Jael Ancker

Yogurt lover's favorite place

Do you love yogurt? Well,I do ,and if you happen to be in Tel Aviv and like yogurt like me,this is the place to visit. This small and pretty place was found a few years ago by two sisters hailing from France,in the Yogurt Kitchen you can have both sweet and savory yogurt dishes.The yogurt portions come in a pretty glass bowl,which you can take with you.In the Yogurt Kitchen they ask you if you want your yogurt dish with regular yogurt or with goat milk yogurt,I …

Archana Singh avatar

Archana Singh


The healing power of the wild, mountainous and unexplored HokkaidoCruising through the placid waters of Lake Toya on a cloudy day of October, at last I had made peace with my waging mind. Just few weeks back I was losing my sleep over finding answers to questions, which should have been left unanswered. Fed-up with my situation I was contemplating to take antidepressants and sleeping pills but my cure was somewhere hidden in the wide-open spaces of Hokkaido, Japan.As a …

Maria Athanassopoulos avatar

Maria Athanassopoulos & Chryssa Krassa
Marketing, Promotion, News

Hydrama Grand Hotel, Drama, Greece! A brand new luxurious hotel!

A new hotel is always a good reason for a check out trip, especially to all of us who love traveling and tourism in general! So as soon as it came to my attention that there's a brand new five-star hotel in Drama, a city of about 2 hours’ drive away from my own, I decided time had come to take another trip!A few days ago I visited the city of Drama and the impressive five-star Hydrama Grand Hotel! I stayed for a wonderful three days that I would love to share with you!I …

Gaia Zol avatar

Gaia Zol
Marketing Assistant

Across Northern Italy: from Friuli to Liguria for the Ballet

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a dancer. Not a ballerina, but a modern dancer wearing tank tops and sneakers. I gave up on my athletic dancing aspirations eventually, but I never gave up on the art. I’ve been following Roberto Bolle’s tour for years, from Trieste to Sanremo, passing by Florence and Verona.Last year, I dragged my parents to Sanremo, crossing northern Italy for the show, from our region Friuli Venezia Giulia to Liguria. We left Udine in …

Thommen Jose avatar

Thommen Jose
Freelance writer, filmmaker

Qudsia Garden: Rangeela territory

What do you wear when you are soon going to doff it for a copulation session for canvas? What was that semaphore again for more shisha in the hookah? How long does one keep jigging for the frolicsome mood to be captured as still life? At the Qudsia Bagh in Civil Lines I tried to lay a handle on some possible existential crises of Mohammad Shah ‘Rangeela’ (‘The colourful’smile, one of whose begums built the eponymous garden. The crossdressing debauchee was also the longest …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Solo Travel Guide for Christmas in Sydney

The summer has come to pass and the next event to look forward to can already enter the planning stage. Of course, we’re talking about Christmas here! Sydney may sound like an unpopular choice for this holiday, but why not try something different and spend Christmas sunbathing on a beach? The summer has passed – true, but not in Sydney, and this city does have a lot to offer for the sunny season, there are many ways to make your next Christmas an event to remember in …

Thommen Jose avatar

Thommen Jose
Freelance writer, filmmaker

Hampi rocks

‘Geological time includes now.’Looking up at the looming cracked dolmens, precariously balanced boulders, perching promontories and other formidable formations from the gulch I was tracing it wasn’t easy to shrug away Edward Abbey’s artful caution. That they had been like that for most part of millions of years is exactly what prompts – and tempts – you to walk among them and even try a hand at bouldering while there. Soloing myself up, no fancy highballing, I looked up …

Archana Singh avatar

Archana Singh


The iconic skyline of Hong Kong. Iconic Skyline. Financial Hub. Shoppers Delight. Culinary Paradise.Adjectives often used for Hong Kong but it is a city that defies any definition.Being a borderless and limitless city it not only attracts the best from the world but also grooms the local talent. It’s mysticism peels off like an onion. Underneath the glitz and glamour of a global city lies the strong roots of Chinese culture and colonial heritage. There’s nothing foreign …

Mingling with Romans and Carthaginians

The steady beat of drums, the swift march of soldiers, animal-skin clad barbarians, painted faces, colourful shields, standard bearers, gladiator sandals, dancing maidens, priests, soothsayers and elegant senators. We find ourselves in the midst of the Romans and Carthaginians Festival. This spectacle is held every year to celebrate the vibrant history of the strategic port city of Cartagena.Cartagena has more than 2000 years of history. The Romans and Carthaginians …

Nicole Noel avatar

Nicole Noel
French teacher

Discover the Beauties of Southern Highlands

Are you tired of the heat and noise of the city? Wouldn't you just love to escape to a cool mountain oasis, full of wonders just waiting to be discovered, soaked up and savored? But where can you find this heavenly place? Well, believe it or not, just over a hundred kilometers from Sydney. If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to head over to the Southern Highlands! Here are is just a sample of what you will find there.Cecil Hoskins Nature ReserveWho says that …

Heather A. avatar

Heather A.
Part-Time Traveler, Writer

Ethiopia: The Trip That Was...and Then Wasn't

Of all the trips I've taken, everything (plus or minus some air travel tribulations) has gone according to plan. So I guess the time had come...we were to be leaving for Ethiopia next Monday, but about five days ago, the trip was cancelled due to the violence in Ethiopia, increasing government control, and because one of the lodges we were to be staying at was looted and burned to the ground.It's too bad--I was really looking forward to Ethiopia; while still in east …

Ben  Whitmarsh avatar

Ben Whitmarsh

How To Get A Royal Experience in Canada

Oh to be a future British monarch. Not only do you know that one day your face will be on the front of a first class stamp, but you also get to visit some pretty swanky places. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Prince William and Princess Kate, have recently paid a visit to Canada. The trip took in the provinces of British Columbia and The Yukon - two of the most stunning regions in what can be a breathtakingly beautiful country. I don't have inside knowledge of …

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