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Cameron: working and singing in the Fifties

U.S.A. - New York

Cameron: working and singing in the Fifties


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001 Italy Stories that captivate  places that enchant  Milan and Lake Maggiore Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

12 hours in Milan: stories, encounters and places that make time expand

Often, you end up visiting big cities only briefly – for a flight connection, a stopover enroute to another destination, or by choice. That’s what we did when we decided to spend 12 hours in Milan.

When you don’t have long in a city you have two options: pass your time wandering aimlessly, or make it unforgettable – and make the short hours you have feel like days.

Milan. Art, culture, food, fashion, finance, history. What’s the best way to expand the time we’ve got? The secret is in the intensity you give to the hours you have. The people you meet, the things you discover, and how you immerse yourself in the stories that surround you.

It’s the only way to change your perception of time, and feel thehours magically transforming themselves …

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001 Norway Oslo EL HOTEL CON NOMBRE DE LADR  N Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

by Jose A. Fuentes

001 Italy  Man  I Was Lucky Growing Up Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Man, I Was Lucky Growing Up

When I was a wee lad, my family didn't have a ton of money. My mom was a part time nurse and my father was an art teacher at a small private school. There were no fancy beach house visits, Aspen ski trips, Disney vacations, etc. We had fun outside playing, plenty to eat, and a wholesome environment that supported curiosity and education, but few of the bubble-gum-for-the-mind relaxation vacations a lot of the people I knew in middle and high school were taking. My father was instead building the groundwork for a cultural exploration that would lend my brothers and myself the underpinnings …

Sebastian Sassi avatar

001 South Africa Cape Town  Autumn shows her colours in the Cederberg mountains Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Autumn shows her colours in the Cederberg mountains

I've been going to Kromrivier in the Cederberg Mountains for about 17 years now in the summer holidays and this was my first visit in autumn. The colours and textures blew me away.... plants, flowers, rocks, sand, the sky, the falling seemed like I was walking around inside a painting.Kromrivier is a farm about 4 hours from Cape Town, 280km to the north. It's owned by the Nieuwoudt family and its proper name is the Cederberg Tourist Park. The farm borders the Cederberg Wilderness and has basic but comfortable self catering bungalows. If you're an outdoor and nature loving person …

Allison Foat avatar

001 Norway Oslo Oslo   A City in Mourning Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Oslo - A City in Mourning

On July 22nd 2011, Oslo, changed forever. Anders Behring Breivik performed atrocities towards innocent people, killing 8 with a bombing near the government buildings and 69 children on the island of Utøya. Whilst getting excited for my trip, which began on July 31st, I witnessed the coverage of the tragedy on television. Scheduled to be in Oslo on August 5th, exactly 2 weeks later, I desperately wanted to show my respect at the memorials. It has now become a part of my life and I will truly never forget it. I feel privileged to have taken part in the mourning of the great nation of Norway.The …

Sam Holmes avatar

001 Poland Warsaw Random spare notes on how to go from Bratislava to Minsk  via Warsaw Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Random spare notes on how to go from Bratislava to Minsk, via Warsaw

Bratislava, any given Friday, 10.50 pmI prepare to say goodbye to a small group of old and new friends and board a worse-looking-than-I-had-imagined EuroNight train bound to Warsaw, that should be leaving now but is only halfway to arriving to the station. Goodbyes and farewells behind me, I find myself on a 6-seat cabin and surprisingly enough longing for the Ukrainian platzkarts - at least there are beds, after all. And there was no way a train in Ukraine would cost me 77 euros (almost my entire remaining budget), as this one just did.Apart from the police rushing back and forth at some …

Rodrigo Vaz avatar

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001 Australia yws citta Sunrise over Australia  039 s red heart Kiss From The World travel and people magazine Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

ph. Annemarie Strehl

medals number medals number
001 Iceland yws citta J  kuls  rl  n Glacier Lagoon Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

ph. Dana Ptacinsky

medals number

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

001 Cambodia yws citta Bayon Temple   Siem Reap   Cambodia Kiss From The World travel and people magazine 1

ph. Roberto Ruggieri

medals number medals number

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iPeople video

Babel Siem Reap living the cambodian dream kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Babel Siem Reap: living the Cambodian dream

“I'm Juan and I'm Spanish. I traveled to Cambodia six years ago with my French girlfriend and my Italian friend. We wanted to create …

Ken a veteran street vendor in NYC kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Ken: a veteran street vendor in NYC

“I'm Ken, a Vietnam veteran with a license to sell merchandise in New York City. I love my job even if things are a little bit …

Pak Ali a life spent helping the community kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Pak Ali: a life spent helping the community

“I was born in Pulau Ubin, I'm 79 and I have seven children. I used to work in the quarry business on the island. In the Malay …

Millennium Gems kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Millennium Gems

“I’m Liyana, jeweler and owner of “Millennium Gems”, jewelry and workshop where I create my jewels. To create my pieces I use several …

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kaleidoscopes video photo video

All Heroes


All Heroes

We are Korogocho kiss from the world travel and people magazine

We are Korogocho

“We make our way through the trash at the dumping site of Dandora, then we cross a pedestrian bridge and a rusty entrance door made …

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history video

Powerful and majestic Poseidonia  Paestum   Part II kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Powerful and majestic: Poseidonia, Paestum - II

The amphitheater was built with bricks and pillars, some of which collapsed. The spectators could reach their seats through the stairs …

The desert castle keeper kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The desert castle keeper

“My name is Hakim and I’m a Bedouin. I’m the keeper of the Qasr Amra desert castle, built by King Umayyad Caliph Walid I in the VIII …

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animals video

Chobe National Park: The Land of …


Sea turtle farm warriors kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Sea turtle farm warriors

“I’m Priyantha, welcome to Silver Green, Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery for the breeding and protection of sea turtles. …

A peaceful home for elderly elephants kiss from the world travel and people magazine

A peaceful home for elderly elephants

Chaminda: “I’m a guide for the Millennium Elephant Foundation, where we train and take care of domesticated elephants, most of which …

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post-it video video

Tsukiji Fish Market show


Valle Brembana a land that forges body and soul kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Valle Brembana: a land that forges body and soul

From the peak of the Pizzo del Diavolo you can walk to the largest of the four springs that feed the Brembo River. This waterway …

A path to Heaven kiss from the world travel and people magazine

A path to Heaven

“We are on the Hualapai Hilltop, a 900-meter-high hilltop on the Hualapai Canyon. We have to reach Supai, the most remote village of …

Wadi Mujib swimming upstream kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Wadi Mujib: swimming upstream

The Dead Sea has seven main tributaries, one of which is the Wadi Mujib, the biblical Arnon River, a majestic gorge that leaves us …

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travel & help video photo text

what we are orphans in haiti kiss from the world travel and people magazine

What we are: orphans in Haiti

“I’m Petit-Compère, principal of the Bon Berger Orphanage in Haiti, founded in 1966. When Jean-Bertrand Aristide was President we …

Building our school brick by brick kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Building our school brick by brick

“Every morning some of these children need to walk for 7 kilometers to get to school, and seven to go home, so we decided to build a …

a big small lunch kiss from the world travel and people magazine

A big small lunch

“It's time for lunch at the Khan Khang Orphanage, a big small lunch. It's like a “party”. The children come out to eat in their …

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sexy world video

The Pepenero sexy gang - part II kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The Pepenero sexy gang - part II

“Do you really want to come to my house? The tigers’ den! Right now I’m in between renovations so I’m basically living in a camp. I …

exxxotica LA live out your fantasies kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Exxxotica LA: live out your fantasies

Asa Akira: “I’m 25 years old and I’m from New York City. I’ve been in porn for two years now. Today I’m presenting Evil Angel, which …

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001 Egypt the Western desert of Egypt Sahara  Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

ph. Omar Mansour Elfardy


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Margaret commented on
How to take on Paris like a pauper

Great tips!

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Akanksha commented on
Window to another world

Click to enlarge (the photograph has been cropped to fit KFTW's default format)

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Akanksha commented on
Resting by the sea

Great capture

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Adriana commented on
The wind in my sails: my life at sea

Bello veramente.

user avatar

Saumya commented on
Ghotul: Lessons in living and loving

Gotul Gotul Gotul and not Ghotul....Go + Tul...Go means 'mother' and 'tul' means womb that is primary centre for learning... because are still animistic in belief.... please correct your article as it has many incorrect information....not all gotul's are same.... thank you

user avatar

Darlene commented on
Rubbing shoulders with a witch in Trasmoz

Amazing experience. Thanks for sharing!

user avatar

Harshad commented on
Kila Raipur Sports Festival 2014

What a Pity that such a wonderful coverage of a wonderful event has no comments yet. Divya, you have covered all the essentials of this event to an extent that any one who refers to it can safely attend this event. I also intend to be there atleast once but do not know when, may be in next two three …

user avatar

Chad commented on
Day Trip to Howth!

I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks in Ireland last October. After flying into Dublin via aer lingus and renting a car at Dan Pooley I drove over to Howth to watch the sunrise hit Ireland's Eye. I enjoyed Howth very much and would love to get back to spend more time in that quaint little …

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Reporter's Life video photo text

The world of a reporter that is open to everyone

TAKE PART in our exclusive workshops and live the experience of a reporter.

You’ll be part of a group of journalists.

You will have a mission to complete: create and publish your reportage.

At any cost!

Our photography workshops are one, two or three week journeys spent travelling around the world with our reporters giving you the chance to live in a group of journalists and ...

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Neha Singh avatar

Neha Singh

Must see attractions in UAE

With iconic skyscrapers, world famous beaches, popular shopping destinations, and an ancient rich heritage and culture, United Arab Emirates has become a favorite for family holidays and other city breaks. There are several landmark attractions which attract millions of tourists and guests each year to the United Arab Emirates. But Dubai is not only about architecture marvels and sandy shores, the country’s natural landscape along with the vast dune beds adds more …

Sara Alexis avatar

Sara Alexis

say transition one more time

I get it, everyone goes through a transition when you move somewhere new. Whether it's a new city, new country, new continent. Hell even new jobs you have a 'transition' period. But everyone experiences this differently. I cannot stress this enough. Your experiences are your experiences, they aren't others. You can share your experiences (hey I have a blog, that's what I do!) but that doesn't mean everyone will relate, not everyone transitions in the same way.I thrive …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Top Bachelor Party Destinations in the USA

Having a great time with your best mates before the big day is a long tradition and many people put a lot of effort in making this party spectacular. The latest trend, however, is taking a trip to some of the most popular and entertaining cities in search for some good time and great memories that you wouldn’t be able to experience in your hometown. Taking a trip with friends is always fun, but a special motive such as bachelor party has made some destinations more …

Simona Kovacova avatar

Simona Kovacova
Tourism Graduate and Travel Blogger

Slovak Paradise: One Day Hiking Trip

Sipping coffee in the kitchen of my mum's apartment with a spectacular view and watching other people rushing to work in my hometown made me feel that I had to do something active and fun that day. But not just yet. I enjoyed watching the day coming into life, people not so willingly jumping into their cars and driving to work, half asleep teens in their pyjamas walking their dogs before going back to bed and the sun going up and luring everyone to get out and make the …

Joanna Kalafatis avatar

Joanna Kalafatis
Blogger & Actress

Best Boutique Hotels for Exploring Sunny San Diego

Explore one of the coolest and most laid-back cities in sunny Southern California with a visit to San Diego. Whether you're into a good food scene, sun and surf, or active seaside living, this coastal city has something for everyone. So why not make it your next relaxing vacation destination with a stay at one of these cool and comfy boutique San Diego hotels?Experience Luxury on the Beach at The Dana on Mission Bay, BW Premier CollectionSplurge on a little luxury …

Marian Krueger avatar

Marian Krueger
Travel Blogger

Road Trip Rules: Step One: Get Your Car

For my recent road trip, the Two Chicks and A Road Trip Adventure, before I could do anything else, I needed to get from Boston to NYC and then get my rental car. So road trip rules step one: Get a car. That meant I had to take the short 1 1/2 hour flight with JetBlue from Boston Logan International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport, stay overnight in a nearby hotel, and then get up bright and early to get my rental car from Avis. Easy, right?Not so fast. …

Marian Krueger avatar

Marian Krueger
Travel Blogger

The Two Chicks and A Road Trip Adventure

After 2+ weeks on the road, I’ve returned home and so begins the process of weeding through countless hours of video and hundreds of photos. But my road trip with my friend, Danielle, which was also known as the Two Chicks and A Road Trip, was like no other trip I’ve ever taken before. Here’s why and I’ll also share a few tips I learned on my summer road trip.Nothing beats a summer road trip in a Mustang convertible. Nothing. Put that top down, crank the music, and …

Maria Athanassopoulos avatar

Maria Athanassopoulos & Chryssa Krassa
Marketing, Promotion, News

Minoan Murals!

The Minoan civilization - one of the oldest civilizations on earth - thrived in the island of Crete in Greece, from 3000 to 1450 BC, Knossos being its famous capital.One of the best examples of the Minoan civilization are the incredible Minoan murals. They were discovered at the archeological area of Knossos and belong among the list of top Greek archeological findings.Most of these murals that survived up to our days belong to the period of the New Palace, the one …

Joanna Kalafatis avatar

Joanna Kalafatis
Blogger & Actress

The Best Boutique Hotels to Catch the Sun in Latin America

When winter rolls around, a lot of people in the U.S. look South to catch some sun and warm weather. With the huge boom in tourism in Latin America though, its easy to get lost in the crowd.If you decide to explore a Latin American country, stay at one of the following boutique hotels to enjoy a beautiful, sun-filled vacation and the countries' traditional hospitality. So next time you head to Costa Rica, Mexico, or the Dominican Republic to experience the stunning …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Killer Travel Gadgets That Every Geek Needs

It wouldn’t be that far off from the truth if we were to proclaim the 21st century the era of gadgets. Today, our smartphones are capable of almost anything. We’re augmenting our reality with smartwatches and smart glasses, while we’re waiting for sophisticated VR devices to arrive. Needless to say, these devices have improved almost every single aspect of our lives, and traveling is no exception. There are so many travel gadgets that can help us with more comfort and …

Thommen Jose avatar

Thommen Jose
Freelance writer, filmmaker

Mahua tales: Chawal baba zindabad

Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now. Steven Wright (wit, writer, actor)A mat was placed and the lady, tall, dark and easy on the eyes, motioned me to sit. I looked around the small courtyard, trellised out of view from the neighbouring huts and sat close to the opening – a clump of bristly branches held together with hemp working which required laborious joggling. The livestock in the corral peered at me through moist eyes, eerily calm and unblinking …

Keith Kellett avatar

Keith Kellett

Sailing the Inside Passage

When choosing a cruise, a lot of people try to pick an itinerary with as few ‘At Sea’ days as possible. These, though, are almost inevitable on most cruises. Sometimes, they make me think of the old music-hall song:‘We joined the Navy to see the worldand what did we see?We saw the sea ….I tend to treat such days as ‘down time’, and usually spend them catching up on reading, writing, sunbathing or sleep. The cruise lines probably hate me; I think they’d rather I spent …

Akanksha Singh avatar

Akanksha Singh

Discovering India's Wild East: Nagaland

Wowza (I'm told this is what them young'uns are saying nowadays) - it has been an age since my last post. I'm not sure where to start, so I think I'll skip the excuses and apologies, and start from the present (ish):I recently finished a tour of India's northeast. The so-called 'Seven Sisters': seven states, which include Assam; Meghalaya; Sikkim; Mizoram; Nagaland; Tripura; and Manipur, are each beguiling in their own way.Having visited Sikkim last year, my first stop …

Gregory George avatar

Gregory George
Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the …

In Love with @OnlyLyonTourism

As the ancient capital of the Gauls,Lyon is not only famous for her heritage but also for her gastronomy, and with a duo of famous chef sons, Bocuse and Boulud, the city makes an excellent historical and tasty home base should you consider exploring further afield. With its historic center bisected by narrow streets of Medieval and Renaissance houses, Lyon has much to offer the curious and hungry visitor. Often referred to as the “world capital of gastronomy", the city …

Sara Alexis avatar

Sara Alexis

Carry-on essentials

Sitting at the airport hotel in Casablanca, Morocco, and I realized I have made rookie mistakes when packing my carry-on (backpack) for my flight from Paris, France, to Niamey, Niger. Usually I am prepared and have the essentials in my carry-on, or at the very least, my purse. You don’t think it will ever happen to you, I mean why wouldn’t all of your luggage make it to your destination? What are the chances you miss your connecting flight and have to spend a day with …

Pop Iris Alexandra avatar

Pop Iris Alexandra
Creative Project Manager

Hamburg's most unique caffees & restaurants – a selection

The great German North, the diversity, the unique city vibe, the rough wind, the soft sun, the water abundance and even the occasional storm catapult Hamburg on top of the most liked German cities. The urban life vibrates not only on the Reeperbahn, Hamburg's red light district but also in the cities unique caffees& restaurants. Travelers looking to get around the city just like local wanderers can prepare themselves to sip a cup of coffee while floating on a boat, …

Joanna Kalafatis avatar

Joanna Kalafatis
Blogger & Actress

The Best Boutique Hotels for Experiencing Monterey

The seaside city of Monterey has long attracted travelers making their way down the California coastline, thanks to its pristine beaches, famous aquarium, and historic points of interest, including John Steinbeck's Cannery Row.If you're taking a road trip down the PCH, or simply want to get a true sense of small-town coastal California, make Monterey your next stop. Then book one of the boutique Monterey hotels below to really get the small-town hospitality experience. …

Maria Athanassopoulos avatar

Maria Athanassopoulos & Chryssa Krassa
Marketing, Promotion, News

A weekend at the beautiful island of Chios!

A few days ago I found myself at the beautiful island of Chios in Greece for three days! Chios island, has its own special identity and remains unforgettable to the visitor from the first sight. Although I have been many times to Chios it always has something new to give me.So this time too apart from the usual stroll at the beautiful port of the main town, I visited the village Olimpoi of Chios which is thirty kilometers from the capital. Olimpoi is one of the famous …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Welcome to India: The Do’s and Don’ts

India is a vast spread of diversities, when it comes to its culture, tradition, people, food, architecture and landscapes, In other words, one can never fully get to know it. That is why this country is also the greatest adventure one can possibly experience. Unlike any other country in the world, it pulsates with its very own beat and tosses up the unexpected. Although this unexpected factor can be a foyer for the time of your life, it can also serve as a road to …

Heather A. avatar

Heather A.
Part-Time Traveler, Writer

Natural Habitat Tortoise Camp & Giant Tortoises in the Galapagos!

One of the reasons we chose Natural Habitat as our tour operator in the Galapagos, in addition to the small group and ship size, was the fact they have a dedicated Tortoise Camp.A TORTOISE CAMP. I mean, how amazing is that? It's set up sort of like a safari-style camp. It's definitely more rustic, but the food and drink was amazing. What's better than drinking a cocktail and watching the tortoises in the sunset? Not much, that's what.Now, I get it. Some people see one …

Gregory George avatar

Gregory George
Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the …

In the @inRhoneAlpes: France's Best Kept Secret

France's sun-dappled southern regions have long been a favorite with both locals and tourists alike.Provence is perhaps too popular: most travellers journey only as far as Avignon; further north, Lyon becomes a food lover's stop over on one's pursuit of Paris pleasures. Why not consider a road trip through the bucolic Rhône-Alpes region of France from Lyon to Valence, indulging your senses in the 12,383.9 arcadian French kilometers of Provençal lavender fields, Rhône …

Thommen Jose avatar

Thommen Jose
Freelance writer, filmmaker

Mahua tales: Rouse the guards

The sloth bear had turned in for the night, that too stoned, so it was alright our Gypsy didn’t move anymore. I and the tracker returned to announce breathlessly that we saw it disappear between a set of boulders not very far away, a mound of fur trundle clumsily in the fast falling dusk. It’s rather long nuzzle nearly upon a thicket or trunk before it retreated and changed directions. My forest tracker, whose marijuana-induced misanthropy had limited our conversation …

Rohan  Jha avatar

Rohan Jha
Blogger, Traveler

Top Destinations In India That Leave All Foreigners In Utter Awe

India is colorful, India is playful. India can be soothing as a serenade and wicked as sea waves during thunderstorm. India is everything you’d want, and a little more than that. You can choose to watch the cloud approaching you from the balcony of your cozy hotel room in Gangtok or tap your feet to the grooviest jams in the clubs of Goa, or maybe go with the flow as you sail aboard a Kettuvalam in Kerala. Oh! Or perhaps you’d love to run your fingers through immaculate …

Domenico Pacifico avatar

Domenico Pacifico
CEO & Founder Kiss From The World

NICE TERROR ATTACK: two sisters tell the story

We spoke with two friends of ours, who were in Nice last night and witnessed the attack. Here is their story, which does not focus on the truck attack, but rather on some mysterious shootings that were heard in the old town, where panic spread in a few seconds, with several hundred people rushing all over the street in terror."One night that started out as the celebration of liberty, equality, fraternity ended in tragedy and terror. My sister, some friends and I went to …

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