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Life is short... have a cupcake!

U.S.A. - Coral Gables - Miami

Life is short... have a cupcake!


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001 Italy Feeling all five senses in Tuscany and Umbria Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Food that combines tradition with innovation, and the nighttime magic of a castle

We’re in Armaiolo, a tiny village which is home to 80 souls. Build on top of a hill, Armaiolo is part of the Rapolano Terme district, a province of Siena.

It’s an enchanting, sweet place, with tender hearted inhabitants. It’s clearly carefully cared for, down to the finest details. We’re struck by the pots of flowers we see everywhere - decorating windows, steps, walls, and roads.

It’s small – no, tiny – it only takes ten minutes to walk through every street. But there’s no limit to the time you could spend uncovering and examining every fascinating nook and cranny of this village – it will have you enchanted for hours.

Weaving through the tiny streets we discover a church, several lookout spots, a fountain nestled in a cave, windows that …

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6 off road Transit rd Chobe Nationa ParK Botswana Kiss From The World Travel and people magazine x


  • Botswana
  • | Kasane Chobe National Park s. g. | 250 km
  • | comments 0

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001 Spain Cap De Creus  Sniffy and the Cap De Creus Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

by Bronte Wittpenn

001 China Xanadu Smashed marble columns and broken glass. Exploring the ruins of Xanadu Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Smashed marble columns and broken glass. Exploring the ruins of Xanadu

Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan the legendary warlord who subjugated China from his Mongolian stronghold, built the Xanadu palace complex as a summer retreat from the heat of the Forbidden city in Beijing. The palace is arranged in a pattern of three concentric walled circles. Standing on the outer crumbling wall little remains of the buildings that once stood inside, only the odd column base, and linear foundations are visible amongst the plains of grass. When the Khan lived here many of the buildings were temporary, large tents were erected on arrival and taken down on departure. …

Simon Proudman avatar

001 Malaysia Borneo Island Rafflesia  the biggest flower in the world Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world.

Rafflesia is the biggest flower in the world. You can see it in the Borneo Island inside the Gunung Gading National Park or around Kinabalu National Park.The Rafflesia takes 9 month in develop and dies just one week later.

Romina Paula  Ramirez Dopazo  avatar

001 India Kasol Where Trance Meets Shiva Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Where Trance Meets Shiva

Almost three years back when I first went to Kasol with a girls gang was the time I heard about Kheerganga. People said it’s quite a beautiful trek but not something which can be done easily. Since then I have been curious and was looking for company to go to Kheerganga. It was only last month when I started my own traveling company called Nomadic Shoes that I decided that Kheerganga has to be my first trek. Keeping that in mind, I posted the event on my Facebook page. The response was splendid and finally we started our journey with fourteen amazing people.Day I: All the participants met at …

Suman Doogar avatar

001 Spain Granada The Fabled Red Towers and Walls of the Alhambra Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

The Fabled Red Towers and Walls of the Alhambra

The Alhambra palace/fortress stretches along the top of the hill known as La Sabika and its fabled red towers and walls are seen from almost every vantage point in the city of Granada. It is the biggest tourist draw in Spain with up to 8,300 tickets available and an average of 6,000 visitors walking through each day. This huge Unesco World Heritage site is our aspiration and our inspiration for this clear and sunny day.Read the Guidebook First!John, as always, has the presence of mind to read the guidebook before we head to a site, and he quickly realizes that it is better to book our tickets …

Gregory George avatar

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001 Greece yws citta Automatic Reply  Kiss From The World travel and people magazine.jpeg

ph. Vieri Cammelli

medals number

Automatic Reply

001 Myanmar yws citta Inle Lake Fisherman Kiss From The World travel and people magazine 1

ph. Christina Wieand

medals number
001 New Zealand yws citta Early morning Karitane Kiss From The World travel and people magazine Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

ph. Rach Dobson

medals number medals number

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iPeople video

catching fish for the future of my family kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Catching fish for the future of my family

“I’m Theodore Petit-Frère e and I’m a businessman. I cook and sell lobsters and conches on Indigo Beach, Haiti. I have a boat. When …

Chef Bobo partI kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Chef Bobo - part I

“I started to cook back in 1957, when I was six years old. At 20 I already created my own dishes. Real cuisine is our grandmothers’ …

Parmigiano Reggiano IV ok DOMENICO PACIFICO   solo questo kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Parmigiano Reggiano: The King of Cheeses - Part IV

“I’m Emilio Barbieri, chef and owner of restaurant Strada Facendo.My family owned a dairy in Salvaterra. From a family of cheese makers …

homegirl cafe jobs not gangs kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Homegirl Café: jobs not gangs

Erika Cuellar: “I'm Erika Cuellar, assistant manager at Homegirl Café, a nonprofit restaurant business that branches out of Homeboy …

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kaleidoscopes video photo video


We are Korogocho kiss from the world travel and people magazine

We are Korogocho

“We make our way through the trash at the dumping site of Dandora, then we cross a pedestrian bridge and a rusty entrance door made …

All Heroes kiss from the world travel and people magazine

All Heroes

January 19, 2014 6.25 p.m. The Secchia River bursts its bank. Bastiglia and Bomporto, two municipalities in the province of Modena, are …

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history video

Powerful and majestic Poseidonia  Paestum   Part I kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Powerful and majestic: Poseidonia, Paestum - I

“I’m Silvia, official tourist guide of Paestum. This is the archeological area of Paestum, city of the Magna Grecia founded by the …

The desert castle keeper kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The desert castle keeper

“My name is Hakim and I’m a Bedouin. I’m the keeper of the Qasr Amra desert castle, built by King Umayyad Caliph Walid I in the VIII …

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animals video

Chobe National Park: The Land of …


Mokolodi Encountering Wildlife   Part II kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Mokolodi: Encountering Wildlife - Part II

Denis: “The reptile park is an area of the reserve where we keep all of our reptiles, mostly snakes.There are different snake pits, …

Khama Rhino Sanctuary  a community project kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Khama Rhino Sanctuary: a community project

“My name is Sydney. I’m a guide at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, a community-based project led by three villages: Serowe, Mabeleapodi and …

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post-it video video

Men back from fishing


Valle Brembana a land that forges body and soul kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Valle Brembana: a land that forges body and soul

From the peak of the Pizzo del Diavolo you can walk to the largest of the four springs that feed the Brembo River. This waterway …

village at midday kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Village at midday

“We drive down the National Highway 6, the street that runs from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. There are dozens of villages along the …

MALTA CLIP kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Gozo and Comino: beautiful treasures to be discovered

Like sparkling jewels, the Mediterranean islands of Gozo and Comino tantalise their visitors, unleashing the inner explorer in anyone …

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travel & help video photo text

The Jonah Project: love never …


School of life for street children kiss from the world travel and people magazine

School of life for street children

“I’m Father Sriyananda Fernando, parish priest of St.Mary’s Church. Thanks to our previous parish priest Rev. Father Leslie Fernando, …

what we are orphans in haiti kiss from the world travel and people magazine

What we are: orphans in Haiti

“I’m Petit-Compère, principal of the Bon Berger Orphanage in Haiti, founded in 1966. When Jean-Bertrand Aristide was President we …

Building our school brick by brick kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Building our school brick by brick

“Every morning some of these children need to walk for 7 kilometers to get to school, and seven to go home, so we decided to build a …

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sexy world video

The Pepenero sexy gang - part II kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The Pepenero sexy gang - part II

“Do you really want to come to my house? The tigers’ den! Right now I’m in between renovations so I’m basically living in a camp. I …

exxxotica LA live out your fantasies kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Exxxotica LA: live out your fantasies

Asa Akira: “I’m 25 years old and I’m from New York City. I’ve been in porn for two years now. Today I’m presenting Evil Angel, which …

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Maria commented on
Cape Verde Islands

Very interesting. I'm inspired to learn more about these islands. Thank you for sharing

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Stefania commented on
Cómo desarrollar la paciencia, léase resistencia, y no morir en el intento: …

Silvina, en que año lo hiciste? Tuviste inconveniente o te sentiste incomoda con las instalaciones? Estuve leyendo muchas reseñas pero en otras parte del mundo donde hablaban de la limpieza del lugar o de arañas y bichos, asi que me quedo la duda de como es el de Buenos Aires. Muchas gracias por …

user avatar

Maria commented on
10 Things to do in Ottawa This Summer

Thank your for the suggestions. All great ones!

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Margaret commented on
How to take on Paris like a pauper

Great tips!

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Akanksha commented on
Window to another world

Click to enlarge (the photograph has been cropped to fit KFTW's default format)

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Akanksha commented on
Resting by the sea

Great capture

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Adriana commented on
The wind in my sails: my life at sea

Bello veramente.

user avatar

Saumya commented on
Ghotul: Lessons in living and loving

Gotul Gotul Gotul and not Ghotul....Go + Tul...Go means 'mother' and 'tul' means womb that is primary centre for learning... because are still animistic in belief.... please correct your article as it has many incorrect information....not all gotul's are same.... thank you

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Reporter's Life video photo text

The world of a reporter that is open to everyone

TAKE PART in our exclusive workshops and live the experience of a reporter.

You’ll be part of a group of journalists.

You will have a mission to complete: create and publish your reportage.

At any cost!

Our photography workshops are one, two or three week journeys spent travelling around the world with our reporters giving you the chance to live in a group of journalists and ...

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Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

The Waterfront Restaurant Scene - What Sydney is Famous For

Ah, Sydney – golden shores lapped at by the crystal waters of the Pacific Ocean. Life in Sydney is inextricably linked to the water. The city abounds in beautiful views. Watching the sun rise and set by the ocean is beautiful and relaxing – can it get any better than that? Well, a cup of coffee, a few drinks or a nice meal could make the experience even more pleasurable. Luckily, Sydney boasts literally thousands of cafes, pubs and restaurants by the shore. But, that …

Nicole Noel avatar

Nicole Noel
French teacher

Discover the Beauties of Southern Highlands

Are you tired of the heat and noise of the city? Wouldn't you just love to escape to a cool mountain oasis, full of wonders just waiting to be discovered, soaked up and savored? But where can you find this heavenly place? Well, believe it or not, just over a hundred kilometers from Sydney. If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to head over to the Southern Highlands! Here are is just a sample of what you will find there.Cecil Hoskins Nature ReserveWho says that …

Heather A. avatar

Heather A.
Part-Time Traveler, Writer

Ethiopia: The Trip That Was...and Then Wasn't

Of all the trips I've taken, everything (plus or minus some air travel tribulations) has gone according to plan. So I guess the time had come...we were to be leaving for Ethiopia next Monday, but about five days ago, the trip was cancelled due to the violence in Ethiopia, increasing government control, and because one of the lodges we were to be staying at was looted and burned to the ground.It's too bad--I was really looking forward to Ethiopia; while still in east …

Ben  Whitmarsh avatar

Ben Whitmarsh

How To Get A Royal Experience in Canada

Oh to be a future British monarch. Not only do you know that one day your face will be on the front of a first class stamp, but you also get to visit some pretty swanky places. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Prince William and Princess Kate, have recently paid a visit to Canada. The trip took in the provinces of British Columbia and The Yukon - two of the most stunning regions in what can be a breathtakingly beautiful country. I don't have inside knowledge of …

Allison Foat avatar

Allison Foat
Travel writer & publicist

Art, creativity and innovation in the Franschhoek wine valley

As if superb wine, great food and breath-taking scenery weren’t enticing enough, Franschhoek has now added art into the mix to compliment its impressive offering. Art Franschhoek, an initiative organised and hosted by the Franschhoek Wine Valley, is taking place from 21 October to 13 November 2016 and aims to introduce and showcase emerging and established talent that can be viewed in a variety of artistic disciplines throughout the village.The journey to Franschhoek, …

Michael Besley avatar

Michael Besley
Outdoor leader, teacher and blogger

Hoi An: A little bit of everything

I sat on my hotel balcony and looked out over the Thu Bon River. Small vessels putted their way up and down stream with locals hawking ‘cheap’ trips to the ocean or the town centre while crews threw nets and traps into the salty water. Palm fronds on the far bank enveloped the scenery while multiple red tiled rooves interjected themselves into the landscape, breaking up the vegetation. All the while the neighbours of my hotel hosed down the concrete paths in front of …

Nicola Fiorentino avatar

Nicola Fiorentino
sobrevivir a la vida

Consejos para un viaje a Nueva York

Hace unos días he vuelto de mi 5 viaje a Nueva York, y cada vez me gusta mas. Estos son los consejos que os puedo dar:- Después de haber hecho los billetes, tenéis que pedir el ESTA (si sois españoles o de la mayoria de los Estados Europeos), es un permiso para viajar en dirección de EEUU. Obtener un ESTA no os garantiza el ingreso en el País, cosa que siempre depende del oficial de aduana (mas info al sitio oficial). Si ya habéis ido a EEUU con el mismo pasaporte, pod …

Maria Yates avatar

Maria Yates

Trains Of The World

One of my favourite ways to travel is by train. It's slower than taking to the air, but, what's the rush? Don't we all need to slow down and enjoy?Train travel is nostalgic, romantic and mysterious. Think Agatha Christie and the Orient Express. In an era of harried speed, the draw for a slower pace is today, seen as a luxury. The destination can wait. Getting there is the real voyage.Here are FIVE train voyages I've added to my bucket list:The Rocky Mountaineer …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Euro Trip travel experience

Europe is a wonderful place filled with mind-blowing sights. From monuments to government buildings, from historical sites to the most advanced shopping malls, there can be seen some of the most amazing culture mixes. Whoever came to Europe once, somehow always came back again. It is simple, those wonderful beaches, amazing people, wines and much more are all giving you a once in a lifetime experience. Here are some things you need to know before visiting Europe. …

Maria Athanassopoulos avatar

Maria Athanassopoulos & Chryssa Krassa
Marketing, Promotion, News

A beautiful weekend at St.Nicholas-Halkidiki, Greece!

Autumn in Greece is summer sweet! The temperatures remain high, the sun is shining bright! The sea water is still warm and maybe that's why autumn is considered one of the best vacation periods if spent in Greece.I took advantage of the great weather myself too and decided to spend a weekend in gorgeous Halkidiki, specifically at St. Nicholas. I chose the Assa Maris Bomo Hotel to stay, a place I had never been before. Its supreme location was what influenced my choice …

Joanna Kalafatis avatar

Joanna Kalafatis
Blogger & Actress

6 Reasons to Leave the Camera at Home When Traveling

Traveling with a DSLR camera has its perks. Being able to zoom in on wildlife or fine-tune your settings to get just the right effect on your shots gives you marvelous control. Having that big camera around your neck can even help you get front-row shooting privileges in some environments. But there are some compelling reasons to travel without your DSLR, too. Traveling light and spending your time enjoying the sights rather than capturing them offers a completely …

Keith Kellett avatar

Keith Kellett


Although Juneau is the Alaskan State Capital … it can’t be reached by road. If you want to go there, you must fly in or go by boat. But, there are roads, and some of them do lead to some pretty interesting places. Naturally, we went to watch whales, but after that, the coach took us up to see the Mendenhall Glacier. I suppose that’s an add-on, so that, in the unlikely event you don’t see any whales, the day isn’t completely wasted. It’s a spectacular sight, but maybe …

Thommen Jose avatar

Thommen Jose
Freelance writer, filmmaker

One-day-chief o’ Melo

A hunt in the deep forest where I vanquished a wild boar with my bare hands followed by the martial Caci (pronounced ‘chachi’smile dance when I leapt and brought the whip down on my opponent from a jaw-dropping sky-angle. It didn’t take any of these for the Manggarai tribe of Kampung Melo (‘kampung’ is ‘village’ in Indonesia) in Flores island and their headman to declare me the chief from the visitors’ side for the day; guess they decided to settle for the guy stumbling …

Charles McKinney avatar

Charles McKinney
TEFL Peace Corps Volunteer in Macedonia

Cryptic but Charming Places in Italia

A short distance by plane from my home away from home in Macedonia, Prali is a really small town comparable to a village located one hour north of Turin, the closest metropolis. In fact, it is not far from the border of France tucked away in the breathtaking Alps Mountains with clean air, serene ambiance and friendly locals. I had the unique chance to travel there in August for a global political camp at the Agape Ecumenical Center, a place where people from all walks …

Angela  Njehia  avatar

Angela Njehia
Leisure Travel Manager

Kenya shifting to a more Sustainable Inclusive Tourism Destination?

When we hear the word Sustainable everyone seems to think its something very big. When I first heard of Sustainability…I too thought it was something very big and at first, I did not even want to be involved because it meant we must be wanting to talk about the environment and eco related issues, maybe even global warming! Do not get me wrong, not that I do not care about global warming and eco related issues, I do, just that I thought it would be another of those …

Rodrigo Vaz avatar

Rodrigo Vaz

WAW – Europe’s hidden gem airport

The more you travel, the more you come to appreciate the modest perks you can grab on the way. Your airport rituals and routines begin mattering more and more, if anything also to keep you sane. Also, you start mapping out different airports as you go through them. You start finding your own spots in each airport. All that to reach this: from the European airports I know, Warsaw is an hidden gem. I had that impression from previous times, but I was more convinced by the …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Traveling with Kids: Top Activities in New Caledonia

Traveling to any tropical destination requires an extensive plan, especially when going on a family vacation. Still, the island paradise of New Caledonia offers so many activities and things to see, that planning your time there will be a walk in the park. However, it’s always great to go on a holiday with kids prepared, so to help you plan your tropical vacation in New Caledonia, here are a couple of activities the entire family will enjoy.Explore Noumea’s BeachesSince …

Joanna Kalafatis avatar

Joanna Kalafatis
Blogger & Actress

How to Plan the Perfect Las Vegas Trip

There's a reason Las Vegas is considered America's Playground. You'll find so much to do and see here that it's almost impossible to sort through all the places and activities you can choose to experience. With the overwhelming number of options in Sin City, planning the perfect Las Vegas trip can be a little challenging. Follow this guide to make the process easier and ensure that your trip to Las Vegas is the experience of a lifetime.Choose the Right Las Vegas Hotel …

Francesca Amott avatar

Francesca Amott
Business owner & blogger

Doing Nothing & Enjoying Everything

I have been to Charlottesville, Virginia a few times. My trips were always to visit Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and I was usually taking out of town guests with me. It's a nice place. But when my friends suggested we organize a girls' weekend in Charlottesville, I protested. Not only because I wanted to go someplace new, but also because I wondered what we could possibly do besides a historical tour. Which is fine, but not exactly girls' weekend kind …

Joanna Kalafatis avatar

Joanna Kalafatis
Blogger & Actress

Explore Urban Canada at These Boutique Hotels

When thinking of Canada, many travelers visualize snow-covered mountains, gushing waterfalls, and grand national parks. However, Canada's major urban centers, especially Vancouver and Toronto, are definitely worth a visit as well. Full of cultural landmarks, a thriving foodie scene, and plenty of beautiful city views, Canada's cities make for a great getaway, whether you're traveling solo, as a couple, or with family and friends.Check out the following boutique hotels …

Maria Athanassopoulos avatar

Maria Athanassopoulos & Chryssa Krassa
Marketing, Promotion, News

Strolling around Kavala, Greece!

Kavala is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. It is build next to the sea, at the foot of Symbolo Mountain, with exceptional view all around. According to historians, the settlement exists since the prehistoric period. The geographical spot of the city has always been very important strategically and this is why Kavala was always among the prominent cities throughout the Greek history.A visitor that takes a stroll in Kavala shouldn't miss walking across …

Allison Mayer avatar

Allison Mayer
Humanitarian Photojournalist

Witnessing a Heart of Service in Today's Youth.

One of my favorite parts of working with a variety of organizations is the incredible number of young people I get to meet who give up summer/spring/winter vacations just to serve others in the world they've never met before. I think back to when I was 16, and how different the world is we live in. I wish I could find a way to regain those 15 years and spend them traveling to missions all over the world. but I find some much joy in knowing that the next generation of …

Thommen Jose avatar

Thommen Jose
Freelance writer, filmmaker

Enter the dragon island: Komodo

An adventure was easy to conjure: Manto the captain of the bowrider confessed to a non-functioning GPS. Everyone wore dark glasses, cigarettes were chain-lit. An Indonesian actor who was also a secret political activist held forth on the Machiavellian machinations that led to Sukarno’s, the first president, ousting from power and the rising spell of the Contra. Cans of Bintang beer sweated lustily in the icebox under the canopied stern. The sea shimmered all around, a …

Meg Stivison avatar

Meg Stivison
English Teacher

Measure Words In Bamboo

After an unsuccessful hike to find a garden on my day off, I went up to Dongguan to recharge myself with air conditioning and wifi, and I bumped into people I knew! It was very exciting, since I know about 10 people in Yangzhou, and I think 7 of them were teaching that day.We ended up sitting in the upstairs of iCaffe, looking out through carved wooden shutters and swapping China stories. In air conditioning. Did I mention the air conditioning? Mostly we traded stories …

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