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Go Green in the desert

Jordan - Feynan

Go Green in the desert


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005 Italy Feeling all five senses in Tuscany and Umbria Kiss From The World travel and people magazine 1

Castello Banfi: an extraordinary Tuscan experience

What’s it like to wake up in the middle of one of the world’s most esteemed vineyards? And in addition, with a castle that rises up behind the vines? One word… amazing!

The hills around Montalcino have been the cradle of winemaking culture since the time of the Etruscans.

Castello Banfi's estate stretches south west of Montalcino for 2,830 hectars. It’s immense!

The property encompasses the castle and village, the restaurant, pub, wine shop, the old balsameria (where balsamic vinegar is made), the museum of glass and bottles, huge wine cellars, and dozens and dozens of vineyards – going as far as the eye can see.

Elizabeth, the Project Director of Castello Banfi, shows us around the vineyards. And it’s here, in the middle of the vines, that we …

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001 Trinidad and Tobago Chaguaramas Zip Lining in Trinidad Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Zip-Lining in Trinidad

I have been zip-lining quite a few times now, so I have started looking for something to set each one apart from the rest. Whether that be a record breaking distance, a soaring new height or maybe even just a really cool location. The zip lining in Chaguaramas at Macqueripe turned out to be in the coolest setting yet. Why? Because I could see Venezuela from mid-air. That might not sounds like such a big deal, but I thought that it was pretty awesome. I was standing (well, okay--flying) in the country of Trinidad & Tobago, yet I could see the neighbouring country of Venezuela with my own bare …

Seattle Dredge avatar

001 Chile Colchagua Valley A little slice of heaven at Lapostelle Winery Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

A little slice of heaven at Lapostolle Winery

There are moments in life where fantasy and reality blend so seamlessly it's hard to distinguish them, and our day at the Lapostolle winery was one such occasion. The winery, tucked into a a western corner of the Colchagua Valley is a structure mostly hidden underground, the visible part resembling a modern stylized birds nest perched above its vineyards as the only hint of the massive architectural gem hidden several stories beneath the earth. Driving up a dirt road from the imposing gate at the front, we wound our way amongst the vines, all heavy with dark berries and almost ready for …

Kayci Weaver avatar

001 Sweden Stockholm Estocolmo  un puzzle sobre 14 islas  Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

Estocolmo, un puzzle sobre 14 islas

Definir a la capital sueca como una de las ciudades del diseño, poblada por rubios altos y donde podrás degustar albóndigas de reno en un entorno sacado de un catálogo de Ikea no sería mentir, pero sí omitir parte de la descripción de esta capital escandinava. Como el aire multicultural que se respira debido a la alta tasa de inmigración, la presencia de jardines verdes en cada esquina, de bosques a un tiro de piedra y de agua envolviéndolo todo y dotando a Estocolmo de una luz especial. Nos paseamos por su Ciudad Vieja: Gamla Stan.Estocolmo no es una ciudad al uso. Es más bien un puzzle …

Jose A. Fuentes avatar

001 New Zealand  New Zealand On The Cheap Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

New Zealand On The Cheap

If your from the northern hemisphere, a trip down to New Zealand or Australia can end up costing you an arm and a leg. In reality, it’s something you would have to really plan and save up for.Then there is me, who used her monthly pay packet to buy a one way ticket to Auckland with no plan whatsoever.After travelling from the very top of the north island to the nearly very bottom of the south island, I’m here to tell you how to travel New Zealand on the cheap, $800 can last 4 weeks.Book on to a tourI pre booked a place on the Kiwi Experience. If you are going to do something like this though, …

Lucie Ondreasz avatar

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001 Thailand yws citta Beauty on rice Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

ph. Joana Gomes

medals number medals number medals number medals number

Beauty on rice

001 India yws citta After the catch arrives Kiss From The World travel and people magazine Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

ph. Derek Darke

medals number medals number medals number
001 U.S.A. yws citta So Grand Kiss From The World travel and people magazine

ph. Hannah Felice

medals number medals number

So Grand

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iPeople video

Sri Lanka on a plate   part II kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Sri Lanka on a plate - part II

Sebastian: “Many years ago, my mother went on holiday in Sweden for a few months and during her stay she learnt many things on European …

Blog Ville eat  feel and live like a local in Italy kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Blog Ville: “eat, feel and live like a local in Italy”

Nicholas Montemaggi -“I’m Nicholas, digital PR of the Emilia Romagna Tourist Board and project manager of …

Stilt fishermen kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Stilt fishermen

“My name is Shan, and I’m a fisherman. I live in the jungle with my family. I build my fishing rod using a branch from the Kitul tree, …

The path of Faith kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The path of Faith

“My name is Fernando Huaman Giron, we are in the Pampa of Nazca, heading to the city of Piura. We are three brothers of the group “ …

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kaleidoscopes video photo video


All Heroes kiss from the world travel and people magazine

All Heroes

January 19, 2014 6.25 p.m. The Secchia River bursts its bank. Bastiglia and Bomporto, two municipalities in the province of Modena, are …

We are Korogocho kiss from the world travel and people magazine

We are Korogocho

“We make our way through the trash at the dumping site of Dandora, then we cross a pedestrian bridge and a rusty entrance door made …

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history video

Powerful and majestic:  …


The desert castle keeper kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The desert castle keeper

“My name is Hakim and I’m a Bedouin. I’m the keeper of the Qasr Amra desert castle, built by King Umayyad Caliph Walid I in the VIII …

Powerful and majestic Poseidonia  Paestum   Part II kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Powerful and majestic: Poseidonia, Paestum - II

The amphitheater was built with bricks and pillars, some of which collapsed. The spectators could reach their seats through the stairs …

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animals video

Sea turtle farm warriors kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Sea turtle farm warriors

“I’m Priyantha, welcome to Silver Green, Sea Turtle Farm & Hatchery for the breeding and protection of sea turtles. …

A peaceful home for elderly elephants kiss from the world travel and people magazine

A peaceful home for elderly elephants

Chaminda: “I’m a guide for the Millennium Elephant Foundation, where we train and take care of domesticated elephants, most of which …

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post-it video video

Men back from fishing


deep fried spiders market kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Deep - fried spiders market

“Spiderville: this is how Skoun was named because of its market selling deep-fried tarantulas. They’re like any other crunchy snack …

Wadi Mujib swimming upstream kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Wadi Mujib: swimming upstream

The Dead Sea has seven main tributaries, one of which is the Wadi Mujib, the biblical Arnon River, a majestic gorge that leaves us …

village at midday kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Village at midday

“We drive down the National Highway 6, the street that runs from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. There are dozens of villages along the …

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travel & help video photo text

A big small lunch


A big small lunch

Mr. Sun shining a light on the khmernew generation kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Mr. Sun: shining a light on the Khmer New Generation

“We provide free education for our community: English literacy, environmental education, primary health. Most of the children are …

Dana a stone  honey colored village kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Dana: a stone, honey-colored village

“I’m Suleiman Jarad and I was born in Dana. The village of Dana was built in the Wadi Dana about 500 years ago by 50 families coming …

Elize energy, passion and love - part I kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Elize: energy, passion and love - part I

“One of our activities is called 'circle time', in which children tell their stories. Child abuse is a great problem in this country …

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sexy world video

exxxotica LA live out your fantasies kiss from the world travel and people magazine

Exxxotica LA: live out your fantasies

Asa Akira: “I’m 25 years old and I’m from New York City. I’ve been in porn for two years now. Today I’m presenting Evil Angel, which …

The Pepenero sexy gang - part III kiss from the world travel and people magazine

The Pepenero sexy gang - part III

“Our staff includes girls of different heights: tall, short, thin, curvy, those who can do acrobatics at the pole… At Pepenero we …

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Margaret commented on
How to take on Paris like a pauper

Great tips!

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Akanksha commented on
Window to another world

Click to enlarge (the photograph has been cropped to fit KFTW's default format)

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Akanksha commented on
Resting by the sea

Great capture

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Adriana commented on
The wind in my sails: my life at sea

Bello veramente.

user avatar

Saumya commented on
Ghotul: Lessons in living and loving

Gotul Gotul Gotul and not Ghotul....Go + Tul...Go means 'mother' and 'tul' means womb that is primary centre for learning... because are still animistic in belief.... please correct your article as it has many incorrect information....not all gotul's are same.... thank you

user avatar

Darlene commented on
Rubbing shoulders with a witch in Trasmoz

Amazing experience. Thanks for sharing!

user avatar

Harshad commented on
Kila Raipur Sports Festival 2014

What a Pity that such a wonderful coverage of a wonderful event has no comments yet. Divya, you have covered all the essentials of this event to an extent that any one who refers to it can safely attend this event. I also intend to be there atleast once but do not know when, may be in next two three …

user avatar

Chad commented on
Day Trip to Howth!

I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks in Ireland last October. After flying into Dublin via aer lingus and renting a car at Dan Pooley I drove over to Howth to watch the sunrise hit Ireland's Eye. I enjoyed Howth very much and would love to get back to spend more time in that quaint little …

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Reporter's Life video photo text

The world of a reporter that is open to everyone

TAKE PART in our exclusive workshops and live the experience of a reporter.

You’ll be part of a group of journalists.

You will have a mission to complete: create and publish your reportage.

At any cost!

Our photography workshops are one, two or three week journeys spent travelling around the world with our reporters giving you the chance to live in a group of journalists and ...

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blog posts photo text

Rodrigo Vaz avatar

Rodrigo Vaz

WAW – Europe’s hidden gem airport

The more you travel, the more you come to appreciate the modest perks you can grab on the way. Your airport rituals and routines begin mattering more and more, if anything also to keep you sane. Also, you start mapping out different airports as you go through them. You start finding your own spots in each airport. All that to reach this: from the European airports I know, Warsaw is an hidden gem. I had that impression from previous times, but I was more convinced by the …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Traveling with Kids: Top Activities in New Caledonia

Traveling to any tropical destination requires an extensive plan, especially when going on a family vacation. Still, the island paradise of New Caledonia offers so many activities and things to see, that planning your time there will be a walk in the park. However, it’s always great to go on a holiday with kids prepared, so to help you plan your tropical vacation in New Caledonia, here are a couple of activities the entire family will enjoy.Explore Noumea’s BeachesSince …

Joanna Kalafatis avatar

Joanna Kalafatis
Blogger & Actress

How to Plan the Perfect Las Vegas Trip

There's a reason Las Vegas is considered America's Playground. You'll find so much to do and see here that it's almost impossible to sort through all the places and activities you can choose to experience. With the overwhelming number of options in Sin City, planning the perfect Las Vegas trip can be a little challenging. Follow this guide to make the process easier and ensure that your trip to Las Vegas is the experience of a lifetime.Choose the Right Las Vegas Hotel …

Francesca Amott avatar

Francesca Amott
Business owner & blogger

Doing Nothing & Enjoying Everything

I have been to Charlottesville, Virginia a few times. My trips were always to visit Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and I was usually taking out of town guests with me. It's a nice place. But when my friends suggested we organize a girls' weekend in Charlottesville, I protested. Not only because I wanted to go someplace new, but also because I wondered what we could possibly do besides a historical tour. Which is fine, but not exactly girls' weekend kind …

Joanna Kalafatis avatar

Joanna Kalafatis
Blogger & Actress

Explore Urban Canada at These Boutique Hotels

When thinking of Canada, many travelers visualize snow-covered mountains, gushing waterfalls, and grand national parks. However, Canada's major urban centers, especially Vancouver and Toronto, are definitely worth a visit as well. Full of cultural landmarks, a thriving foodie scene, and plenty of beautiful city views, Canada's cities make for a great getaway, whether you're traveling solo, as a couple, or with family and friends.Check out the following boutique hotels …

Maria Athanassopoulos avatar

Maria Athanassopoulos & Chryssa Krassa
Marketing, Promotion, News

Strolling around Kavala, Greece!

Kavala is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. It is build next to the sea, at the foot of Symbolo Mountain, with exceptional view all around. According to historians, the settlement exists since the prehistoric period. The geographical spot of the city has always been very important strategically and this is why Kavala was always among the prominent cities throughout the Greek history.A visitor that takes a stroll in Kavala shouldn't miss walking across …

Allison Mayer avatar

Allison Mayer
Humanitarian Photojournalist

Witnessing a Heart of Service in Today's Youth.

One of my favorite parts of working with a variety of organizations is the incredible number of young people I get to meet who give up summer/spring/winter vacations just to serve others in the world they've never met before. I think back to when I was 16, and how different the world is we live in. I wish I could find a way to regain those 15 years and spend them traveling to missions all over the world. but I find some much joy in knowing that the next generation of …

Joanna Kalafatis avatar

Joanna Kalafatis
Blogger & Actress

Enjoy Big City and Small Town Texas at These Boutique Hotels

From trendy mega cities like Dallas and Austin, which offer visitors plenty of entertainment, to more charming desert towns, Texas has something for everyone. If you're traveling through America's vast and warm Lone Star State, you should get a dose of some of that famous Texas friendliness and hospitality. Check out the following boutique hotels in Texas, so no matter where you decide to visit, you'll have a great, relaxing getaway.Enjoy Texan Sports at The Westin …

Thommen Jose avatar

Thommen Jose
Freelance writer, filmmaker

Enter the dragon island: Komodo

An adventure was easy to conjure: Manto the captain of the bowrider confessed to a non-functioning GPS. Everyone wore dark glasses, cigarettes were chain-lit. An Indonesian actor who was also a secret political activist held forth on the Machiavellian machinations that led to Sukarno’s, the first president, ousting from power and the rising spell of the Contra. Cans of Bintang beer sweated lustily in the icebox under the canopied stern. The sea shimmered all around, a …

Meg Stivison avatar

Meg Stivison
English Teacher

Measure Words In Bamboo

After an unsuccessful hike to find a garden on my day off, I went up to Dongguan to recharge myself with air conditioning and wifi, and I bumped into people I knew! It was very exciting, since I know about 10 people in Yangzhou, and I think 7 of them were teaching that day.We ended up sitting in the upstairs of iCaffe, looking out through carved wooden shutters and swapping China stories. In air conditioning. Did I mention the air conditioning? Mostly we traded stories …

Inka Piegsa-Quischotte avatar

Inka Piegsa-Quischotte
free lance travel writer

Let's drink and kiss! Munich's Oktoberfest 2016

‘Let’s talk Oktoberfest 2016O’zapft is is rolling around again and with it one of the biggest events in the German Festival calendar. Just to make matters very clear: although it’s called Oktoberfest it actually takes place in September, this year from September 17th to October 3rd. Munich will again be brimming with visitors, local and foreign, for two weeks of merrymaking, celebrations, eating, drinking and having a great time.Each year the organizers try to create …

Jan Brezina avatar

Jan Brezina
photographer and travel guru

Top 5 places to visit at themes bank in London (South of the river)

London – The metropolis on the river Thames is one of the most picturesque places in the world. True paradise for every photographer. Magnificent architecture, colourful markets and cultural diversity are just some of the attractive spots and potentially amazing destinations one can find in less than a mile. So, it is all up to you to decide what to shoot first. But maybe you would like a professional advice, and thus you could have a chance to take unique photos of the …

Keith Kellett avatar

Keith Kellett

Up the Yukon

When we docked at Skagway, a train was waiting nearby. It was an old train, with vintage ‘clerestory’ carriages, with open platforms at each end, looking like it may have strayed out of a cowboy film. Some of the passengers were boarding it, but we got on to a bus, which was taking us over the border into Canada, to join the train for the return trip.The coach driver introduced himself, and requested us to call out if we saw any wildlife, for most of his attention would …

Thommen Jose avatar

Thommen Jose
Freelance writer, filmmaker

Finding my feet and shaving cream in Indonesia

“13,466,” said the UN.“17,504,” claimed Indonesia.The 4,000-odd in between were mostly atolls and a concatenation of minor cays which disappeared during high tide, countered the UN, basing its findings on a GIS survey conducted in 2011. Hence couldn’t be counted as islands proper. Take these few thousands, Indonesia still remains the largest archipelago in the world. And come high tide or low water, there are around 7,000 islands inhabited round the year. But for most …

Jan Brezina avatar

Jan Brezina
photographer and travel guru

How to Choose the Best Travel Tripod for Your Photo Trip

Choosing the right travel tripod for your photo trip is essential. Biggest concerns of most travelers are size and weight. The smaller the better, right? But buying the smallest tripod necessarily doesn’t have to be the best idea. We will try to help you choose the right tripod which will cause you minimal transportation problems while keeping the best abilities to do what is its job, keep your camera steady.IDEAL SIZETripods have two different and important sizes …

Neha Singh avatar

Neha Singh

Must see attractions in UAE

With iconic skyscrapers, world famous beaches, popular shopping destinations, and an ancient rich heritage and culture, United Arab Emirates has become a favorite for family holidays and other city breaks. There are several landmark attractions which attract millions of tourists and guests each year to the United Arab Emirates. But Dubai is not only about architecture marvels and sandy shores, the country’s natural landscape along with the vast dune beds adds more …

Sara Alexis avatar

Sara Alexis

say transition one more time

I get it, everyone goes through a transition when you move somewhere new. Whether it's a new city, new country, new continent. Hell even new jobs you have a 'transition' period. But everyone experiences this differently. I cannot stress this enough. Your experiences are your experiences, they aren't others. You can share your experiences (hey I have a blog, that's what I do!) but that doesn't mean everyone will relate, not everyone transitions in the same way.I thrive …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Top Bachelor Party Destinations in the USA

Having a great time with your best mates before the big day is a long tradition and many people put a lot of effort in making this party spectacular. The latest trend, however, is taking a trip to some of the most popular and entertaining cities in search for some good time and great memories that you wouldn’t be able to experience in your hometown. Taking a trip with friends is always fun, but a special motive such as bachelor party has made some destinations more …

Simona Kovacova avatar

Simona Kovacova
Tourism Graduate and Travel Blogger

Slovak Paradise: One Day Hiking Trip

Sipping coffee in the kitchen of my mum's apartment with a spectacular view and watching other people rushing to work in my hometown made me feel that I had to do something active and fun that day. But not just yet. I enjoyed watching the day coming into life, people not so willingly jumping into their cars and driving to work, half asleep teens in their pyjamas walking their dogs before going back to bed and the sun going up and luring everyone to get out and make the …

Marian Krueger avatar

Marian Krueger
Travel Blogger

Road Trip Rules: Step One: Get Your Car

For my recent road trip, the Two Chicks and A Road Trip Adventure, before I could do anything else, I needed to get from Boston to NYC and then get my rental car. So road trip rules step one: Get a car. That meant I had to take the short 1 1/2 hour flight with JetBlue from Boston Logan International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport, stay overnight in a nearby hotel, and then get up bright and early to get my rental car from Avis. Easy, right?Not so fast. …

Marian Krueger avatar

Marian Krueger
Travel Blogger

The Two Chicks and A Road Trip Adventure

After 2+ weeks on the road, I’ve returned home and so begins the process of weeding through countless hours of video and hundreds of photos. But my road trip with my friend, Danielle, which was also known as the Two Chicks and A Road Trip, was like no other trip I’ve ever taken before. Here’s why and I’ll also share a few tips I learned on my summer road trip.Nothing beats a summer road trip in a Mustang convertible. Nothing. Put that top down, crank the music, and …

Maria Athanassopoulos avatar

Maria Athanassopoulos & Chryssa Krassa
Marketing, Promotion, News

Minoan Murals!

The Minoan civilization - one of the oldest civilizations on earth - thrived in the island of Crete in Greece, from 3000 to 1450 BC, Knossos being its famous capital.One of the best examples of the Minoan civilization are the incredible Minoan murals. They were discovered at the archeological area of Knossos and belong among the list of top Greek archeological findings.Most of these murals that survived up to our days belong to the period of the New Palace, the one …

Marie Nieves avatar

Marie Nieves

Killer Travel Gadgets That Every Geek Needs

It wouldn’t be that far off from the truth if we were to proclaim the 21st century the era of gadgets. Today, our smartphones are capable of almost anything. We’re augmenting our reality with smartwatches and smart glasses, while we’re waiting for sophisticated VR devices to arrive. Needless to say, these devices have improved almost every single aspect of our lives, and traveling is no exception. There are so many travel gadgets that can help us with more comfort and …

Thommen Jose avatar

Thommen Jose
Freelance writer, filmmaker

Mahua tales: Chawal baba zindabad

Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now. Steven Wright (wit, writer, actor)A mat was placed and the lady, tall, dark and easy on the eyes, motioned me to sit. I looked around the small courtyard, trellised out of view from the neighbouring huts and sat close to the opening – a clump of bristly branches held together with hemp working which required laborious joggling. The livestock in the corral peered at me through moist eyes, eerily calm and unblinking …

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