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Rules & Info


To sell or to distribute free copies of your book in the Kiss From The World Store, you have to:

  • Publish at least a post each month


Trade shows, congresses and workshops

Kiss From The World is proud to be a media partner for high level trade shows, congresses and workshops across the world. If it is possible to promote your product at any of the Trade shows, congresses and workshops, the products will have to be cobranded. We’ll contact you if/when this is possible.


One of the activities of Kiss From The World is to organize contests.

Are you a travel blogger? Join us!

Kiss From The World – travel & people magazine, with headquarters in the USA and readers in every continent, offers its readers exclusive and extraordinary travel reportage – created by our team across the world. But more than that, Kiss From The World also gives everyone the opportunity to write for its magazine, and collaborate as a blogger.

So… if you don’t only read about the world in books, but you go out and see it, and feel it; if a journey for you isn’t about reaching the destination as quickly as possible, but the chance to meet people and exchange ideas without labels or stereotypes; if you like living to the unpredictable rhythm of nature, discover stories, foods, cultures… and above all, if you love to write – then welcome to the blogging community of Kiss From The World.


Kiss From The World Bloggers

Kiss From The World bloggers are curious, resourceful and informed travellers, and they’re capable of conveying the emotions and passion of a journey through their writing – opening the door to let their readers into their stories and the extraordinary “normality” of the world.

You’re a blogger but you don’t travel? If you’re a blogger but you don’t travel, you can still write for us, and tell us about where you live. Who would be better placed to tell us about its customs, costumes, curiosities - and more?


Why blog with us?

Being a Kiss From The World blogger is, apart from exciting and prestigious, an opportunity to speak to a different audience to usual. It’s a way to get known, circulate ideas and get inspired by new ones.

Our magazine is like a window: the more a blogger is active in the magazine, the more visibility they will have, and the more readers will follow them regularly – including on their personal blog.

Kiss From The World gives a lot of visibility to its bloggers, who are the true protagonists of the magazine.

Every blogger will have their latest Kiss From The World article on our homepage, together with their photo, full name, job title, theme of the article, and article preview.

See an example

Every blogger will also have an individual page in our magazine, with all of their articles, their biography, a link to their personal blog, and links to their social media.

On bloggers’ individual pages, social media links will enable readers to share articles, and become fans by clicking the FAN button. If a Kiss From The World reader becomes a fan of a blogger, every time the blogger posts an article the reader will receive an alert.

See an example

Read about the Rules & Tips for writing on Kiss From The World.

But that’s not all!

Are you ready to travel as one of our correspondents?

Kiss From The World works with tourist boards and travel brands, as well as being a media partner for large trade shows, congresses and workshops across the world. We are often asked for bloggers to participate. Kiss From The World offers a great way to get your work known and to work with the leaders of the tourism industry.

Have you written a book on travelling?

Kiss From The World would be delighted to make its Store available to you – for free.

Be Social!

Kiss From The World will share its bloggers’ articles across its social networks.


How to become a Kiss From The World blogger

To become a Kiss From The World, you will need approval from our editors. To do this, fill in our form. You’ll receive a response within 48 hours.

If our answer is positive, you can start writing and publishing articles on the site straight away.

Publishing an article is simple: you just need to connect to our platform with your account. You can then publish text, photos and/or videos yourself.


Kiss From The World blog themes

On Kiss From The World you can publish:

  • solely text-based articles
  • articles with additional photos and/or videos

Please write in English if you can do so very well, otherwise write in your native language.

We advise you to enrich your articles with photos and/or videos, as this is the best way to get more readers.

Our bloggers have 45 ample categories they can talk about. See the themes.

  • Accommodation
  • Adventure trips
  • Architecture
  • Art and culture
  • Backpacker
  • Bicycle trips
  • Clothing
  • Couple travel
  • Cruises
  • Eco-tourism
  • Events
  • Family trips
  • Food and drink
  • Gay-friendly trips
  • History
  • Honeymoons
  • Legends and rituals
  • Lesbian-friendly trips
  • Lifestyle
  • Live like a local
  • Living overseas
  • Low cost trips
  • Luxury trips
  • Motorbike trips
  • Museums
  • Music
  • National Parks
  • Nightlife
  • Nudist trips
  • Shopping
  • Solo travel
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Tours
  • Transport
  • Travel accessories
  • Travel advice
  • Travel mishaps
  • Trips for wellbeing and relaxing
  • Trips suitable for disabled people
  • U 4 the world
  • unYOUsual trips
  • Walking trips
  • Wildlife
  • you & the city

All articles, photos, and videos that our bloggers publish must fall into one of these categories.

For every article, we ask that you specify the country you are referring to, and, if you go into detail in your article, also the city.

You can write about as many of the categories as you like, and also suggest new ones.



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To sell or to distribute free copies of your book in the Kiss From The World Store, you have to become our blogger.

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