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About us

Kiss From The World – travel & people magazine

Domenico Pacifico, founder of Kiss From The World

Kiss From The World is a unique online magazine packed with videos and photos taken all over the world, extraordinary journeys and one-of-a-kind encounters.

Kiss From The World makes you the traveller, taking you to the heart of the action, into the depths of forests, to interviews with hardened gang leaders, into a world of unknown tribes, war zones, exotic parties…

But it also takes you on a journey into daily life, and the extraordinary normality of the world.

Kiss From The World, the people

Domenico Pacifico, founder of Kiss From The World

The idea for the magazine came to life in 2007 when Domenico Pacifico, journalist, started sharing online his exclusive reportage. Domenico, his partner Giulia and their  daughter Dea, travel the globe, documenting their journeys and the people they meet.

To travel, to film, to photograph: Domenico’s techniques as a reporter and his curiosity as a traveller to discover the cultures, ethnicities and religions of the people he meets means he can bring all of these strands together on Kiss From The World. You might not notice the people in his videos and photos if you pass them on the street. Here, they become vivid and real.

Giulia Alfarano, co-founder of Kiss From The World

Domenico Pacifico and Giulia Alfarano, founders of Kiss From The World

Kiss From The World, the video channels

Domenico Pacifico and Giulia Alfarano, founders of Kiss From The World

Domenico and Giulia have divided their video reportage into several different channels based on their theme.

iPeople: on Kiss From The World, places matter, but above all, people matter, as this channel shows. iPeople is rich with stirring encounters with men and women who are all special in their worlds and their daily lives.

Tribe tells the story of meetings in the depths of forests, far from civilization, and of different ways of living, even when surprisingly near major urban areas.

Danger Zone tells stories of areas best avoided by the traveller. It speaks of dangerous neighbourhoods, countries at war, and realities where the people are rootless, and there is no law.

History: following the footsteps of the past, History tells the stories, wonders and secrets of places and people, museums and archaeological or geological sites.

Sexy World is a journey into the “hottest” places on the globe. Take a dip in a world of parties and overwhelming sensuality.

And then there’s Kaleidoscope – quite simply photos and music, and Post-it – images without comments.

Animals takes you on a journey into natural habitats and reserves, to discover surprising aspects of animal life, told by the people who observe them every day – either for passion or profession.

And then there’s Travel & help, where you’ll find out about the most vulnerable people that Domenico, Giulia and Dea met and helped during their journeys, either directly or via small local organizations.

Kiss From The World – photography at its heart

Domenico Pacifico and Giulia Alfarano,  founders of Kiss From The World

Reporter’s eye 

Giulia Alfarano, co-founder of Kiss From The World

Itineraries: travelling isn’t about reaching a destination as quickly as possible. It’s an opportunity for encounters and exchanges without labels or stereotypes. Itineraries tells of long, tiring, “extra ordinary” journeys, far from home. Incredible journeys where nothing is a given. Each itinerary is unique, because the Kiss From The World team never takes the path most trodden. The unexpected is a constant companion – which is why the team always find themselves having the most truly authentic adventures.

Kiss From The World – a network of collaborators across the globe

Blog posts and Vlog post: those areas are dedicated to the people who collaborate on Kiss From The World from across the globe.

1815 Travel Writers publish their best stories here, which are organized into 58 broad themes.

All of this means that Kiss From The World has hundreds of pairs of eyes across the world, seeing different things – and photographing them – and passing them on to our readers. The outcome is a mosaic of different points of view, stories, places, and incredible encounters – as experienced by travellers who don’t hesitate to travel to the most unthinkable places… so they can recount extraordinary experiences.

Your WOW Shots is a collage of moments captured by Kiss From The World’s Travel Writers.

Kiss From The World is like a puzzle of thought provoking, memorable “moments” from across the world. Kiss From The World’s Travel Writers can publish their photos of a kiss in front of an internationally recognisable landscape.

How to Become a Kiss From The World Travel Writer

 Kiss From The World – launch your idea

Domenico Pacifico and Giulia Alfarano, founders of Kiss From The World

Kiss From The World offers everyone the chance to be fully involved with the magazine, by sending your ideas and suggestions to Launch your Idea.

Kiss From The World…

Kiss From The World is a dynamic magazine, full of energy and ready to capture its readers in a whirlwind of emotions – like the kind of journey that reveals the extraordinary “normality” of the world.

Domenico Pacifico, Dea Pacifico and Giulia Alfarano, the family owning Kiss From The World

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