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Aditi Roy

Just your usual Indian girl with an (almost) unusual dream - to travel the world SOLO!

7 Days of Self-Discovery in the Himalayas - Kiss From The World

7 Days of Self-Discovery in the Himalayas

It was early in the morning when I woke up to the sound of a municipality water tanker honking in the street. Even though it was six floors down from the window of my...

Chiang Mai: The Traditional Capital of Thailand

Chiang Mai, the second largest and most important city of Thailand, is located in the Northern Thailand amidst the mountains and greenery. Often considered the...

Three letter world? Needs precautions? There is almost always a second time!

(What did you think!) “Have you ever been out of India?” “Yes! I have been to Goa.” This is a common joke we shared. 10 months ago, I had taken a decision to do...

A Page from the Journal of a Goa Addict

I initially wanted to name this post “The Best of Goa” but then I realized calling my post that would make most of you feel as if it’s just another journal of some...


Walk In The Clouds

Miles and miles of greenery and Tea plantations and, the clouds occasionally bending over to kiss you on the cheeks, Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful cities in...


Venice of the East – Srinagar

Known as the summer capital of Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar is situated in the Valleys of Kashmir and lies on the banks of River Indus. It is famous for its gardens,...


Evening Ceremony at Dashaswmedha Ghat

Dashaswmedha Ghat (river bank) on the Ganges river is the main ghat in Varanasi and is also the most magnificent one to visit, specially if you go there in the evening...

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