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Aisha Abdel

Aisha (formerly Kathleen) Abdelhamid is a syndicated writer for, and, members of Important Media Network. is a retired Computer Engineer with the U.S. Dept. of Defense, where she worked as an Interactive Multimedia Training Author and Graphic Artist. Her latest work published in this field was commissioned by the U.S. Congress as mandatory training for all new enlistees of all branches of U.S. Military, entitled, "Personal Financial Management," hosted by Mr. Ronnie Lott, former NFL football star. In her personal life, Aisha is an American woman who flushed 20 years of marriage to a mean, drunk, 'wasp' (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) in favor of an incredibly loving Egyptian Muslim man she met online. They married in Egypt after 50 days of correspondence, and less than 24 hours after their 1st meeting. She's using her binders of printed emails as posts on her blog, "Aisha's Oasis." ( Readers are enjoying the whirlwind excitement of an internet romance that went right, and sharing in her new, exciting life in Egypt.

Birds of Egypt: "Abu Maghazil," The Spur-Winged Lapwing

In Egypt, the name of this beautiful bird is, "Abu Maghazil," or "Father of Hooks." His official name is "Spur-Winged Lapwing," or...

Birds of Egypt: “Abu Ghuttaas,” The Pied Kingfisher

Another frequent visitor to our rural little corner of Egypt’s Nile delta is this handsome fellow nicknamed by the birdwatching locals, “Abu Ghuttaas,” loosely...


Aisha's Egypt: The Potter's Wheel

Spinning like the Potter's wheel, Ancient days and ancient ways, Traverse this earth in cycles. . Spinning into foggy dawn, Recycling into sunset, In boring...


Aisha's Egypt: Where Old Ways Stay The Same

Where old ways stay the same, There's usually a good reason – Ways don't tend to disappear, When shown appreciation. . Love, good manners, and kind...


Aisha's Egypt: Duck Market Day

Carrying her duck perched high on her head, She's walking her duck to the market.   He pokes out his head to get a good look, Observing his fate, sitting...

Aisha's Egypt: French Fry Farmers

Can you carry your plate of french fries On your head to the dinner table? A plate full of tasty french fries Is a "fast" food in some places, But it's...

Egyptian Culture: Eid al Adha Celebration

In Egypt, Eid celebrations mark the start of national week-long vacations. Most work grinds to a halt, many stores are shuttered, streets have far less traffic, and...


Aisha's Egypt: The Ice Cream Man

Sitting on a shady lane alongside a canal In a little Egyptian village under eucalyptus trees . With only the rustling leaves stirring in the breeze I hear the happy...


Aisha's Egypt: A Heavily Loaded Horsecart

Sometimes there's a very fine line Between a blessing and a curse A blend of triumph and dismay Swirling like a question mark Whispering in the misty place Between...


Aisha's Egypt: Doing The Dishes

Imagine, next time you stand at your sink, In your air conditioned home, with your hot water heater Delivering comfort and ease to your fingers As you complain about...

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