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Alexis Ceballos

My name is Alexis Ceballos. I was born in Veracruz, southeast México. I've lived with my family most of the time, we're very united. Since I was a kid, I felt atracted to photograpy, filming, writing and reading. That's why I'm graduated from my grade in media sciences. I've been living in Veracruz all my life, until I decided to study in capital (Mexico City) in 2012, where I met foreigns friends and made my very first trips with them. We traveled all around Mexico. When I found out I became addicted to it, I studied abroad in Spain, to see again my buddies I earlier met in Mexico. Then I started my first solo trips around Europe and finally faced my old fears about life, world and humanity. At the end of my studies I made my last trip to South America. I completly switch my mind and I'm still trying to discover myself, even when I didn't know I was lost. Now I'm not trying to settle down anymore, but looking for to do what I most like in life, and traveling, picturing and writiing fit on my likes.


Loneliness in Uyuni

The ancient and useless very first bolivian trains that ever linked the country with Chile remains in the middle of the plained puna. Their age-worn walls let out...


Golden Mexico

The 1900’s old Central Post Palace remains among the bostling and rowdy streets of Mexico City’s centre. It still shows the leading golden part of what...

Pleasing our tongues at the city of chapels: Puebla

Only 100 km away from Mexico’s capital, on the other side of the national famous Popocatepetl volcano, lies in the valley the city of Puebla, better known as “City...


One side of Porto

The bowed streets of the World Heritage historical center of Porto harbour several faces of these ancient buildings, showing up an interesting and coloring side of the...


German autumn tones

As if it was resurging from the Second World War’s obliteration once more, Frankfurt Old Opera House gets painted by the lasts autumn sunsets pink rays in the...


Hiking up adventure: Nevado de Toluca

The Pacific Ring of Fire shelters this inactive 4680 meters volcano in the Valley of Toluca, 120 km west from Mexico City. My folks and I took such adventure on last...


Colors of Mexico

The UNESCO World Heritage named town of Tlacotalpan is well known by its powerful colors that portray every single house. Just the perfect scheme with its river side for...

The red skins in Teotihuacan

And I don’t mean the American native people, if you thought so. This post deserves its own particular title because of a little single thing: forget our sun cream at...

How to lose your senses in Mexico

Of course party is a very important part in every trip that we can ever do. And if you’re spending your days in the huge city of Mexico, this is the best spot. During...


Peruvian cholitas

A group of peruvian “cholitas” (as usually people call them, even some of them call themselves that way) smile for camera, holding a baby lamb, while...

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