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Amie Cuhaciyan

You will find me at the intersection of culture and food. Writing about Social causes, parenting, and all things that reflect humanity.


My First New Year in a New Country

Back in 2008, Japan became my second home. My first holiday there was New Years at my best friend’s mom’s house in Nagoya. New Year’s Eve was spent chatting and...

10 things you do when visting your hometown: Seattle

You know Seattle is your hometown when: 1. Your travel itinerary is loaded with your favorite restaurants and some new ones your Face Book friends from back home are...


3 best international destinations to beat summer heat

When heat from the summer sun feels oppressive enough to make you sit with your legs draped over the side of kiddy pool in the backyard it is time to get out of town and...

Review: Hotel Dormy

It's easy to find affordable accommodations in Japan and there is a tremendous variety of types of accommodations from Capsule hotels to traditional Ryokan. After...

Recreating travel through food: Chinoise Brioche

Summer 1999 was my first time abroad. I traveled with my mom to connect with what was left of her deceased father’s family. On the way, we passed the house where my...

5 things I learned from using the JR rail pass

One spring I flew in to Haneda airport and ambitiously tried to see a city a day by rail. It can be done but the itineraries have to be kept short and hotels needs to be...


5 Reasons I never climed Mt. Fuji

1. I got to see the mountain every day Every week I would plan on going as I stepped out onto my deck to do my laundry. The view never got old, and I saw it when I...

Running of the bulls Tamil style: Ponggalo Ponggal

I had been staying in an Eco-village in Southern India called Auroville for a few weeks. Every morning I would wake up early to the sound of Bollywood music blaring from...

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