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Amy Gibson

Hi I'm Amy! I'm an event manager and from my experience, festivals and events are when people are at their best. We let out a side of ourselves that we don’t give much time to in the real world: a side that wants to play and explore, that lets us be whoever or whatever we want to be.I want to see the world and the people in it this way; celebrating their culture, their individuality, what they love and what they believe in. So I’m scrapping regular life for a while to finally see the world, one celebration at a time. This year I have also launched the worldwide #NOTETOSELF project, inspired by my time at Burning Man 2014 and aiming to spread good memories and celebrate the kindness of strangers!

Undiscovered Thailand – Festivals of Issan

Issan In the Northeast of Thailand (on the Mekhong River and border of Laos) sits Issan – Thailand’s least visited province. English is rarely spoken here and there...

Through the eyes of the maasai – 5 reasons to visit a maasai village

Of Kenya’s 42 tribes the image of the Maasai is the most iconic as one of the only tribes in the country who still retain their traditional way of life – making...

5 ways to enjoy travelling on business

Having been in Nairobi, Kenya for a week now I can’t tell you a whole lot about it – I’m here on business for the first few weeks of my trip, organising a large...


Cycling through a Black Rock Desert Sandstorm

Adventures in the deep playa at Burning Man Festival, nobody around for miles and miles.


#NOTETOSELF – Valentine’s letters from London

Last weekend countries around the world celebrated Valentine’s Day! Here in England I took the #NOTETOSELF project to the streets and asked the good people of London...

#NOTETOSELF – Join the project

Last year at Burning Man, USA I asked 25 strangers to write a letter to themselves in the real world or “default world” as it’s known in Black Rock City. This...


Burning Man – Welcome Home

Got your Burning Man tickets? Read the story of my first burn 2014 here: No amount of survival guides, photos, videos or articles can prepare you for the moment you step...

Heading to a UK festival this summer? Try the secret Garden Party

These were my thoughts 2 weeks after the Secret Garden Party 2014… It’s been over 2 weeks since my first trip to the Secret Garden Party (Huntingdon,...

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