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Angharad Paull

Angharad Paull lives in Bristol, former Editor of Alastair Sawday’s ‘French Special Places to stay’ guides, following a 4-month ‘Wandermoon’ traveling across Africa, she now shares her own adventures, photography and tips on quirky places to eat, stay and play around the globe for independent budget travellers.


Night of a thousand wolves

“Jo, Soph, wake up, there’s something outside the tent!”, I hiss whilst jabbing my friends sharply in their sides. The three of us were young whippersnappers on a...


In England's Greenway & Pleasant Land

30 years of age. Married – check, mortgage – check, baby – check, National Trust Membership,…eek check! Strangely, it was the latter that made me...


Oh I do like to be beside the Riviera!

Playground of the wealthy and well-known, the Riviera conjures images of fast cars, magnificent boats, long sunny days, glistening waters and jealousy-inducing houses...


Journey to the Craggy Isle

I’m ashamed to say that I am more familiar with the continent of Africa than I am with local Landmass. Well, ashamed isn’t the right word…it’s not for lack of...


Weather the Storm: disaster strikes Zambian safari

Well it's official, that familiar drone from the television, "the wettest winter in the UK", yep you guessed it, "since records began". Now the...


Understanding a culture through food – devouring the continent in tasty titbits

Frankschhoek – meaning ‘French corner’ in Afrikaans is known as the ‘gourmet capital of South Africa’ and uncannily resembles the Provençale landscapes of its...


10 tips for taking a ‘Wandermoon’

Dreaming of a long honeymoon? Too many travel plans for one two-week trip? Newlywed Angharad Paull shares her tips for planning a sabbatical style ‘wandermoon’ At...

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