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Anna Phipps

Hi, I'm Anna, writer, dreamer and insatiable travel addict. I decided not to let life pass me by daydreaming and staring out of the window of a tedious and meaningless office job. After saving like crazy for 18 months, I set out on a journey to discover other cultures and find out more about myself and my place in the world. Check out bringing the world to life and inspiring you to also explore, dream and discover.

Sunrise on the Ganges

The early morning sun hung large and low in the sky. Slowly, it rose, shining brightly, casting a dewy glow over the holy river and the ghats. The misty morning air...

The Spirit of Bali

Mention Bali and most Australian’s will think of Kuta, which the Lonely Planet even describes as “the vulgar Oz ghetto not actually found in Australia”. Where...


Why I Love Malaysia – and why you should visit too!

Malaysia is often skipped or rushed through on a trip exploring South East Asia but it is a fascinating country which offers everything a traveler could want. The key to...


8 Reasons Why I Love Cambodia

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Cambodia. She charmed me with her ancient temples, emerald rice paddies, quaint towns and the infectious optimism of the...


Hold Tight! The Nightmare Bus to Goa

The 12 hour ‘delux sleeper’ bus ride to Goa could only be described as riding a roller coaster whilst trapped inside a dark coffin. The bus had two rows of ‘double...


The journey itself is part of the destination

In India, even a routine task comes with a multitude of surprises and taking a train is a journey through Indian culture in itself. The train journey from Mumbai's...


Slumdog Entrepreneur

As I stand on the bridge over the thundering railway, a maze of corrugated shacks, blue tarpaulin and dark alleyways lies beneath me, stretching out as far as the eye...


Culture Shock! My first day in India

One of my reasons for visiting India was that I wanted to experience a totally different culture from the UK. Even so, arriving in Mumbai was more of a culture shock...

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