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Archana Singh

Hi, I am Archana Singh, originally from India but currently based out of Philippines. A solo Traveler who is neither a backpacker nor spoiled for luxury. I am just an inquisitive and impulsive Traveler. My travel plans are usually fluid and takes me to offbeat places. When I am not traveling or sharing my experiences on, I am doing Brand Management.

The best kept secret of Asia – The Philippines

“It’s more fun in the Philippines.” Neither had I heard this line before nor a thought to visit Philippines crossed my mind until I visited Philippines. But when...

10 reasons why travelers (not tourists) should visit Ladakh in winters

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust I understood the true meaning of Marcel’s words when...

10 New Year’s Eve Destinations. 10 Unique Rituals

New Year’s Eve is probably the biggest global party and the idea of spending it in some other country excites everyone from North Pole to South Pole from East to West....

Malana – The loss of Innocence and Culture

Malana – The moment you hear this word, Malana Cream comes to your mind. But there’s more to this ancient village than just being world’s heaven of Marijuana....

Rishikesh – Beyond Temples and River Rafting

Some come to Rishikesh to explore their adventure side…some to connect with spirituality…some to find Nirvana…some to simply lose themselves…and some to find...

10 Things to do in Pushkar

If you were to divide travellers on the basis of itinerary then there will be two types of travellers – one who goes by the rulebook and the other who goes by...


11 Tips for Solo Travellers

“A good traveller is one who knows how to travel with the mind.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson Truer words have never been spoken. Travelling shouldn’t be a pain. It...


11 Soulful Reasons to Travel to Ladakh

The Himalaya is not a tourist destination for me. It is home. In spite of its uber popularity, I have found hidden gems here. I have discovered beauty in places,...


Sisu Village in Lahaul Valley, Himachal India

On my recent road trip to Lahaul Valley on Manali To Leh Highway, I got to see this beautiful hamlet. In the otherwise barren Valley, Sisu is the greenest village. It is...

Before getting LEH’ed get LAHAUL’ed

The best cure of Himalayan Hangover is to get high on Himalayas again. Not even fifteen days had passed since I returned from Leh-Ladakh and I had already started...

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