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Becky Wood

Overall I've have visited over 30 countries, and gradually building the list each time I pack my over-sized backpack. I've lived abroad in Japan, working in a ski resort, then teaching English. After Japan, I lived in France to learn the language. At the moment, I'm travelling through Australia and New Zealand with Helpx and Couchsurfing. I love beer, chocolate, air conditioning, the ocean and of course scribbling down what I get up to on each backpacking experience. My dream is to own a beach house with a pet shark, but until then the blogs will keep on coming


Tips for the Newbie Traveller

When you embark on your first big backpacking trip, you can often be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have to sort out! Not only is packing an issue, but even...


7 tips to surviving the buses in South-East Asia

Having travelled through south-east Asia on a number of occasions, I’m well aware of the bus situation there and how little your expectations should be. Buses are...


5 ways to live abroad for free

I’ve spent the last four months travelling through Australia and so far I haven’t paid for a single piece of accommodation. It’s so easy to now travel on a budget...

My Burmese Days

My friend and I wanted to visit Myanmar before the bandwagon did, and so that we could be these annoying travellers, “yeh, I went there before it was even cool, I went...


4WD on Fraser Coast

Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with the 4WD on Rainbow Beach on the Fraser Coast.


The Summertime Snowy Alps

This photo was taken in Interlaken when I was travelling through Switzerland on an interrailing trip. Although, there was not too much to do in Interlaken, the views and...


Making It As An English Teacher In Japan

If English is your mother tongue, you are lucky enough to be able to find a handful of teaching jobs all over the globe. Last year I spent over eight months teaching...


Sakura. The Best Time To Visit Japan?

If you’re going to travel to Japan, I highly recommend going during the sakura season which is the cherry blossom season. This probably doesn’t help to be honest as...


Hey Paradise

This photo was taken in El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines where golden beaches, clear blue waters and tropical wildlife make this place a true paradise.


Where Do I Go In Kansai?

Kansai is a big area in central Japan and a tourist hotspot. It homes two of the most popular Japanese cities, Kyoto and Osaka, but there is also plenty to see outside...

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