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Caiti Donovan

Caiti Donovan is a writer, digital marketer, and travel aficionado. After building a 10+ year career in marketing and branding, a series of events caused her to re-evaluate her approach toward life, achieving happiness and her pursuit of success. She set out on on an adventure, lovingly dubbed a Cosmic Trust Fall, in which she began to hand over all control to the Universe in an effort to let go of the things that had previously shackled her existence. Her blog - - provides a raw and honest narration of this journey. Filled with insights, helpful tips, and plenty of photos, Cosmic Trust Fall aims to become a source of inspiration for life AFTER work. It is a place where those intrigued by the thought of traveling for a living can find the means and motivation to take the leap into the arms of the Cosmos, find real happiness and their own definition of success.


Travel Confessions: Sex vs. the Art of Making Love

“What’s been your favorite part?” they ask. It’s as though their inquisitive minds seek some sort of release, satisfying a curiosity and in most cases, an...


The 7 People Expats Encounter at 'Home'

This past weekend marked six months since I officially left on the 2015 Cosmic Trust Fall adventure. When I set out on this journey, I knowingly left a stable life. I...


The One Thing You Must Do Before a Solo Travel Trip, and 10 Reasons Why

Travel, especially to far off destinations, is an eye-opening experience and one that in order to be fully appreciated should only be shared with those who will embrace...


Money Can Buy Happiness, But Gilovich Missed One Key Part

Recently there has been a fascinating study done by Dr. Thomas Gilovich and Travis Carter at Cornell University which puts forth the assertion that we find the most...

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