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Carlotta Rebonato

Italian on paper but world nomad in the heart. Traveling and photography are my biggest passions and I have recently decided to put all my energy into them. Always learning and always moving, my plans change quickly—seeing one cool shot or reading an article can make me choose my next destination.Random facts about me.I think monkeys are bipolar; that's why they freak me out a little bit. I love wild animals but I hate the idea of them in a cage; that's why I have never been to a zoo. In general, the wild fascinates and terrifies me at the same time.I love temples because no other place makes me feel that sort of peace. I love beaches, working on my tan and sipping on margaritas, which can sometimes be hard work. I love swimming with Nemo! But if you put what I love all together, I could have a heart attack; I need beauty in little doses to be able to cope with it because I get over excited too easily.


Nearly dead experience in Khao Sok. The Cobra Adventure

Last February Jarel and I, attracted by the idea of exploring the tropical forest and plunging ourselves into nature, decided to spend a couple days at Khao Sok National...


Early morning at the lake

The main purpose of the day was to assist the 4 Buddhas parade, which was starting from the very south of the lake early in the morning. We left the pier at Nyaung Shwe...

Myanmar Diary #3: Inle Lake

I left Bagan early in the morning and took the bus to Inle Lake. I didn’t take the night ride because I wanted to do at least one trip during the day to enjoy the view...

Myanmar Diary #2: Bagan

The trip to Bagan was a hell of a ride! I wanted to take a night bus from Yangon to Bagan and, after reading many horror stories about transports in Myanmar, I decided...

Myanmar Diary #1: Yangon

Day 1 My exploring of Yangon started on a Sunday morning from the Sule Pagoda and followed the very detailed itinerary that I was given at the hostel (Thalawing Guest...

7 Things To Know Before Traveling Myanmar

Let’s start with some practical information on Myanmar. The country is changing fast and becoming more tourist friendly everyday. That’s why finding up to date...

The Best Of Melbourne

Melbourne is the third most livable city in the world and has been in first position since 2011, no wonder everybody loves it. Melbourne has everything you need or wish...


Burmese Smile

More then the golden pagodas, the beautiful temples of Bagan or the wild landscapes; the smiles are what will make you fall in love with Myanmar. Everyday you will...

Discovering Siena

Tuscany is one of those regions in Italy that just has it all. You have the beautiful nature of the maremma with green fields, vineyards and olives that go as far as the...


A moment to rest

Markets in Asia can be very chaotic:people walking in tight spaces, motorbikes zagdging around unexpectedly, noises from the traffic and the bargaining, lots of...

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