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Charles McKinney

Travel is not just what I do but it is who I am. When I first traveled abroad in high school as a foreign exchange student, little did I know that it would serve as the threshold of a lifetime interest in globetrotting. Now nearly 10 years later, I have lived in four countries and plan to do much more traveling in years to come. The world of teaching English has given me incredible opportunity to engage in cultural anthropology and I certainly can't get enough of the language learning process as a polyglot in the making.My personal website is currently under construction but I also maintain a micro-blog on facebook that enables me to share my insights and experiences with my ever-growing following. All in all, I am most proud to be known as a global citizen, a reference I accept with humility and honor. Blogging is rad! Many thanks (muchas gracias, feichang ganxie, grazie un millon, fala menogu) to KFTW for allowing me this platform to connect with the world and vice versa. St. Augustine said it best: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."


Dad’s Trip to Korea

The following excerpt comes from a poem that I penned about my dad’s summer visit to South Korea during my one-year sojourn there in 2010-11. It was his first time...


What is The Code: An Interview with Khun Mam

Ms. Patchareeboon Sakulpitakphon aka Mam talked to me about her interesting yet serious work regarding the protection of children from sex tourism. She works in a...


A Day in the Life of a LOGOS HOPE Volunteer!

Globalization takes many forms in the world today. Given its broad scope of factors from human security to nationalism to mass media communication, globalization...


Cruisin' on the Chao Phraya

The Chao Phraya River (River of Kings) in Bangkok is one of the longest rivers in Thailand. As stated in Lonely Planet's "Discover Thailand" guidebook, it...


Meimei & Gege Reunite in SE Asia

She calls me "gege" (Mandarin word for "older brother") while I call her "meimei" (Mandarin word for "younger sister"). We first...


Never 2 Old 2 Have Fun

Life is meant to be enjoyed because it is brief and beloved. I plan to delight in it as much as possible while I can. Sometimes I have the tendency to take life...


What it Means to Serve

To serve is to be kind. To serve is to be generous. To serve is to be thoughtful. To serve is to be compassionate. To serve is to be humble. To serve is to be great. To...


Q&A: A Conversation with Mr. J

I had the chance to interview world nomad Mr. Joel Gershon, my former Webster University Thailand journalism instructor, to learn more about his life as a freelancer,...


First Trip to Asia (Working Vacation)

Excited to journey across the Pacific Ocean to the Asian continent for the first time, I could not wait to start my summer camp position as a Resident Assistant for John...


Frequenting the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand aka FCCT

Ever since I came to Thailand for my graduate study abroad program, I have been delighted to know that Southeast Asia’s largest and oldest press association (known as...

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