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Conan Smeet

I'm a 25 year old with a serious case of wanderlust who has been working as English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in Moscow, Russia since September 2014. My parents got me into traveling when I was 8, taking our family to England. Little did they know they set off a chain events that would see me travel to 26 countries and counting! I hope to be able to take you all on my journeys through my posts, so enjoy the ride!


Always in my heart: Bosnia

It was eight o’clock in the morning, yet things were already busy. Thankfully, I slept well enough that I didn’t hear the calls to prayer, and I guess I lucked out...


How to adapt to life in Russia

The other day, I was asked how I managed my life. More specifically, about how I’ve managed to survive and stay in Russia for just under two years. At the time, I...

Victory Day Parade

As this past Saturday (May 9th) was the 70th anniversary of Victory Day, aka the victory of Nazi Germany, this year’s parade took on a special meaning in Russia....


Tips for living in Russia

Before I left for Russia, I was hearing all kinds of horror stories and tales about the country. Obviously, the recent news hasn’t helped with that, so some...


Snorkeling in Alaska

Before departing for my cruise last week, I decided to do something slightly different when booking my on-chore excursions. Hence, the decision to snorkel in the lovely...


How not to travel by yourself

Chalk it up to inexperience or youthful stupidity, but last summer's trip to the Czech Republic was three weeks of slapstick (in hindsight) traveling. What do I...


The City of Beer

No trip to the Czech Republic would be complete without making a pilgrimage to Plzen, the beer capital of the world's biggest group of beer drinkers. Plzen is the...

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