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Daniela Carlos

"Never have I ever"... do you know this game? It is a good exercise to remind ourselves all things that are still left to be done in this world! So, you can understand my difficulty in describing myself, even when I'm still looking for the answer. How can we put the limitations of words in our minds, when there is still so much to taste, to acquire, to experiment...?If this is a place to tick the boxes, than I much rather be the eraser that keeps the page blank, and write with the invisible ink that leaves a deeper mark.I am a being, I am a student, I am a master, I am a friend, a lover, a peace maker, a soul sister, a glimpse of existence through the universal scope of inteligence.It is not my intention to be pretentious, instead, a blimp of consciousness that pollinates thoughts of awareness and disseminates love.Read my words, and you will know who I am.

Good morning Vietnam!

Vietnam was one of the most diverse and beautiful places I've ever visited… From the culture, to the landscapes and its people, everything was just amazing!!!...



Imperial boat that marches through the sea, invoking power and obedience. Mesmerized by the sound of the reaping water, I observe in stillness, and silence, the...


Window to the soul

Absorbed by the tangible surfaces of the Universe, I dug into the prospects of life to reemerge from the reflection I was hynotized by. Underneath the mystiques and...


Starting countdown…

I am a couple of weeks from begining my volunteering journey with IVHQ, but in reality I feel like this endeavour started when the idea was born, or should I say...


In love

Still strong (in love).

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