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Daniela Flores Eboli

My name is Daniela, I am from the southeast of Mexico. A place called Tabasco and -like the sauce- it is a hot place. I love growing up here but I also love to see different places. I lived for one year in South Korea for studies and while I was there I manage to visit other countries as fantastic as the one I am from and the one I was living at the moment. Now, I am back in Mexico trying my luck in the "job world" but every time I can I pack my bags and fly.


Impressions of Brazil and my first hour there.

I’m in Brazil and everything here is amazing. Rio is a strange city, in a good way. It is a beach city but at the same time, there are buildings and people working in...


Because what I love will always be in Mexico

I have had the opportunity to travel, to see amazing countries and talk to different people, learning about other cultures, see other colors, smells, and feel… yes, I...


Cancun’s sea is my favorite

I have been to Cancun so many times, so many that a lot of people could find it boring. Not me, no when the sea is how it is and it let me swim and play with it. Yes,...


Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu

"I had long time wanting to go there but I never thought it would be what it was, that it was going to made ​​me feel like I felt. And that trip from out of the...


Buenos Aires with the family

We arrived to Buenos Aires on a saturday night, we stayed at “Hostel Fiesta” with an unbearable noise and little girls in high heels shouting that they wanted to...


My day in Lima

If someone ask me “What country is the best one to visit?” I’ll say Peru, for sure. It is an amazing country full of history, culture and nature. The ideal place...


Toys for sale

A man was selling toys during a local fair.


Sipi Falls, Uganda

We decided to leave Jinja. Now heading to Sipi Falls; one of the tourist attractions in Uganda and only four hours moving down the road from where we were. We went for...


Kampala, weekend trip

I went to go to Kampala for an specifically reason. Go to the premiere of the film “The Ugandan” which promised so much and gave just a little, very little. That is...


The country is standing thanks to their women

In Uganda women are stronger than men. They go through everything, they are the most vulnerable but the ones that walk again after stumble. While watching the men spend...

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