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Daniela Flores Eboli

My name is Daniela, I am from the southeast of Mexico. A place called Tabasco and -like the sauce- it is a hot place. I love growing up here but I also love to see different places. I lived for one year in South Korea for studies and while I was there I manage to visit other countries as fantastic as the one I am from and the one I was living at the moment. Now, I am back in Mexico trying my luck in the "job world" but every time I can I pack my bags and fly.


My journey to get to Auschwitz

We woke up really early so we could arrive to Ostrava and take the train. At the end, we had to wait five hours in the station waiting for it. We slept a little, ate...


Daechon, my weekend runaway.

Seoul is an amazing city, but sometimes it has so much movement that you can get tired of it. And I felt it 3 months after I moved there. I needed something different,...

Why South Korea and my arrival with stopovers

How on earth did I end up in South Korea? Before going there, I knew NOTHING about this country, I had a vague idea of what it was, of his war, his people and his fight....


My first train ride in India; the night I thought I was going to die

First, you have to know that India is the only country I have been in where I had have a cultural shock. I felt completely overwhelmed with the differences and I was...


17 things I saw/learned of Uganda

While I was in Uganda I wrote a few things in my travel notebook… I wrote more on my cellphone so after I could post it here, in my blog. But, what I did write were...


Reasons why you should travel according to my experience

Question: Why would anyone should spend cash, leave the things you know by heart and just go to a bizarre place that people there will probably speak a different...

Villahermosa, Tabasco.

Every time someone ask me “Where are you from?” I say Mexico, many people ask me after “Where in Mexico?” And only few people (that aren’t...


From Jinja, Uganda to Nairobi, Kenya; and a little description of the city.

While I was volunteering in Uganda, the idea to do a Safari came strong and after meditation and over thinking the issue I decided to skipped the safaris Uganda had to...


Little Czech

Dasha, my czech friend took us to a little town near Novy Jicin. We went inside a tower with a beautiful view.


Health Fair at Kibuye Village

I had the opportunity to help in the Health fair located in two villages in the Kibuye district in Uganda. The fair was all made thanks to the efforts of Caitlin, a...

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