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Dayana Aleksandrova

I moved across the ocean from Bulgaria to the US at age 16, alone, in pursuit of my studies. Since then, I have graduated from college in Connecticut, lived in Spain, traveled across Europe, met some extraordinary individuals, redefining the conventional understanding of "family," and learned how to live more meaningfully. A passionate student of Plato and Heidegger, I see travel as the ultimate guide to self-knowledge and reflection upon one's purpose. I strive to immerse myself deeply into foreign environments and hopefully learn how to cook a few local delicacies. A thrill-seeker of what Immanuel Kant calls the "sublime," namely breathtaking natural landscapes, I try to immortalize them with my little Cannon camera. The pursuit of philosophical epiphanies and gastronomical indulgence is deeply embedded in my adventures.I just lost my crazy, overwhelming corporate job and am job hunting and diving into my writing. Here or abroad - bring it on!


Rough Waters

Rough waters at San Francisco’s Baker beach.


The Last Bookstore

Come to The Last Bookstore in Downtown LA and you’ll find me in the old, classical literature section reading an illustrated children’s book on the pilgrims...


Evening at the amusement park

Evening at the pier.


Sunset on Sunset Boulevard

Sunset over Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.


Morning in Venice Beach

Consulting with my cannon before shooting at Venice beach.


Colorful sunset in Santa Monica

Colorful sunsest in Santa Monica.


Sunset at the beach

I’ve got a thing for water. A giant, unpredictable, fluid, powerful body of water…and every now and again, when I spend time close to it, I walk away with a...


Misty Beach & Golden Gate

Rain is softly falling over the misty Baker Beach, obscuring the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.


A day in San Francisco

A day in San Francisco is such a treat for the senses. Today we walked for about 8 hours straight, climbing to the top of the Coit Tower, strolling under China...

The worst advice to give someone traveling to Bulgaria

Don’t venture out of Sofia. Ditch the noisy capital and go on a weekend getaway in the quiet, pristine Rodopi Mountains or visit the gorgeous rose valley in Karlovo,...

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