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Dayana Aleksandrova

I moved across the ocean from Bulgaria to the US at age 16, alone, in pursuit of my studies. Since then, I have graduated from college in Connecticut, lived in Spain, traveled across Europe, met some extraordinary individuals, redefining the conventional understanding of "family," and learned how to live more meaningfully. A passionate student of Plato and Heidegger, I see travel as the ultimate guide to self-knowledge and reflection upon one's purpose. I strive to immerse myself deeply into foreign environments and hopefully learn how to cook a few local delicacies. A thrill-seeker of what Immanuel Kant calls the "sublime," namely breathtaking natural landscapes, I try to immortalize them with my little Cannon camera. The pursuit of philosophical epiphanies and gastronomical indulgence is deeply embedded in my adventures.I just lost my crazy, overwhelming corporate job and am job hunting and diving into my writing. Here or abroad - bring it on!


Thanksgiving sunset

Today in Boston is such a treat for the senses. Mild, warm temperature, the smoky scent of stoves and fallen leaves in the air, colors, only slight traffic because most...


Lights on

A Saturday afternoon stroll through the Boston gardens, as lights are being put up on the trees.


How to Piss off a Bostonian

Tell us you’re from just outside of Boston Newsflash: Concord is not just outside of Boston. Neither is Situate. If you don’t live within a 8-mile radius of Copley...


Spartan Race in Boston

Boston: a tough, sports-minded city that crushes races with no other. This is a shot from the annual Spartan Race, bringing athletes to our very own Fenway park from...


Downtown Boston

Precious autumn days in the city.

9 Things my Bulgarian mom taught me about cooking

1. Don’t fret about it. My very first attempts to cook were beyond pathetic. My mussaka attempt turned into plain mashed potatoes with ground beef on the side. I even...


Beacon Hill Charm

The charm of the old, cobblestone streets of Boston.


Bond. James Bond

Halloween in Boston.


Weekene escape

Serendipity. We missed our exit and ended up at this back road; right place at the right time. Naturally, the city kitten I am, I took the chance to let loose and...

How to become culturally bulgarian in 20 steps

1. Complain about the little things “My teeth hurt from this sticky halva” or “Uff, I’m stuck in traffic at Aleksandar Nevsky again,” or “Alena lied about my...

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