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Dayana Aleksandrova

I moved across the ocean from Bulgaria to the US at age 16, alone, in pursuit of my studies. Since then, I have graduated from college in Connecticut, lived in Spain, traveled across Europe, met some extraordinary individuals, redefining the conventional understanding of "family," and learned how to live more meaningfully. A passionate student of Plato and Heidegger, I see travel as the ultimate guide to self-knowledge and reflection upon one's purpose. I strive to immerse myself deeply into foreign environments and hopefully learn how to cook a few local delicacies. A thrill-seeker of what Immanuel Kant calls the "sublime," namely breathtaking natural landscapes, I try to immortalize them with my little Cannon camera. The pursuit of philosophical epiphanies and gastronomical indulgence is deeply embedded in my adventures.I just lost my crazy, overwhelming corporate job and am job hunting and diving into my writing. Here or abroad - bring it on!


Listen to the waves

Charles River, Boston.


Never Growing Up

Clear your mind. Back to where we began.


20 Hartford Restaurants Us Locals Live by

1. Max Downtown Shortly after arriving in Hartford, you’ll notice that the name “Max” graces many an establishment, all part of the same chain. Max Downtown is the...


16 US Habits I Lost when I Moved to Bulgaria

1. Ordering in If you try to order food in Bulgaria and still live with your parents, you are in for an hour long tirade by mom and dad on how you don’t deserve...



Sunsets by the Charles.


Russia, Catherine’s Palace

Catherine’s Palace, a lavish historic building near St. Petersburg in Russia.

How I Learned to Sleep on Trains

Upon the end of my junior year at Trinity College in Hartford, I realized in horror that this was the last carefree summer remaining before I had to cave to my...


Cotton Candy Skies

Boston sunset by the Charles River


6 Simple Ways of Overcoming the Anxiety of Travel

Travel is a beautiful thing. We constantly hear how liberating, enriching and transformative it is, but what often times remains unsaid is the emotional havoc which...


Before the Storm

My friend Shannon took this photo right before the sky “opened”…Merely 10 seconds later, a violent rainstorm hit (hail included, full menu) so Shannon...

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