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Debora Caruso

I have always worked in the travel industry... in many roles, also as a hotelier. I've visited the world and loved it all. I can't stop.Tourism is a huge passion of mine. Passion: That's the first thing you need for success and for your travels. But not only. You also need patience and a huge amount of HUMOUR. Because trains can be late, flights can be cancelled and hotels can be overbooked... I am Italian but just started a new adventure in Germany now.Feel free to follow me in my adventures and thoughts: I would be pleased!I love to eat well, sleap well... travell! ;-)

What to do in Berlin if it’s freezing?!

The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of the trip to Berlin is: avoid visiting Berlin in the winter!! It is freezing and windy. Not the right weather...

A Short Barcelona Guide

Back from the EIBTM Business Travel Trade fair in Barcelona, I would like to share some of my experiences with you. I will write a post on the official travel news soon,...

The hidden Soul of Milan

A man dressed in a working overall rushes to the door of the train and wants to jump off while the doors close and the train departs. He did not make it in time to get...

Feeling like an ancient Greek in Selinunte, Sicily

Selinunte is one of the biggest archeological sites in Europe. The former name of the city was Selinon, which means wild parsley. It is located in the province of...


"La Dolce Vita" combined with Swiss Efficiency: Lugano

There is a part of Switzerland which is mostly not being considered in the general common idea people have of the typical Switzerland. It is Ticino: the Italian speaking...


I have a CAMEL in my living room: Dubai!

Looking at Dubai (that’s the name of the camel) in front of my living room-light takes me back to the trip to Dubai. It is a souvenir I bought during my short time...


The incredible St. Moritz Lake

The incredible St. Moritz Lake often looks like a mirror. You won’t believe your eyes!


Caffè all’Italiana – Instructions Manual

There is nothing better than starting the day the Italian way: you go to the bar around the corner where you meet all your neighbors and have a traditional colazione...


Not every Princess wants to be saved by a romantic Knight!

People are visiting the Satzvey Castle (Burg Satzvey) from all around Europe for its renowned medieval events. As soon as I arrived I noticed that the people are not...


You are a WHAT? A Travel Blogger! But…. *why*??!

Today is one of these days where I sit in front of the computer and ask myself… Why am I investing so much of my time in this thing? It started by chance. By working...

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