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Divya Rai

An avid reader, traveler, happy-go-lucky lazy-bum is what I am, very effortlessly. Don't like to talk much, unless of course I am in love with you. Can communicate better in writing than in words. Love to experiment. Love people-watching. Can sleep for twenty hours straight. Love food. I notice more than you think I do. I tend to miss obvious details. Hate beer. Love vodka. Can't dance to save my life. A strange mix of introvert and extrovert.Yes, that is how I roll.

My Holy Holi at Nandgaon and Barsana

Holi is an Indian festival of colours, celebrated by Hindus across the country, but the festival has a beautiful events in various pockets of north India. There are two...


Kila Raipur Sports Festival 2014

[This post talks about Kila Raipur Sports Festival, an event that involves quite a few sports where animals are the participants. It is likely to hurt the sensibilities...


How I Sneaked My Cat On-board A Train and Other Stories

Well, there are no ‘other stories’. Only how I sneaked my cat on-board a train. Read on, if it interests you. 12th Sept, 2012: Delhi A kitten, barely 10 days old,...


Blazing Sun

I took this shot inside the temple courtyard during the Holi celebrations at Nandgaon in India. While everything around this man was drenched in myriads hues, he,...


Highway Story

Date: 13-04-2014 Location: Haryana Roadways bus, the non-AC one. Boarded from Shimla, for Delhi at 09:00 pm. I was too tired after a busy weekend in Shimla, and wanted...


Holi: A festival of colours

This is a festival called Holi being celebrated in Lord Krishna’s (An important character in the indian mythology) village in Nandgaon, in India.

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