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Erika Alc

Although I may not be the best photographer, I believe as a writer I can equally capture the ugly, the beautiful, and the sublime. I'm a recent English graduate, a regular contributor to a local Florida magazine and a member of Lonely Planet Pathfinders. On the side, I craft creative fiction inspired by my singular experiences as a traveler, focusing on the human condition. The world is full of amazing people, places, and things, after all. Most importantly, I value cultural relativism. Without it, life experiences would not be the same.

Things to do in Philadelhpia - Things to see in Philadelphia - How to Enjoy Philadelphia Almost for Free

How to Enjoy Philadelphia Almost for Free

One of America’s most iconic cities is also an ideal destination for budget-conscious travelers. Here are some tips for enjoying Philadelphia almost for free....


Affordable Boutique Resorts in Treasure Island, West Palm Beach, and more

Florida is synonymous with the impeccable year-round weather, blue skies, and miles of soft sand beaches. With many cities along the coast, you’re guaranteed to find...

Ultimate Culinary Adventures in Japan You Won't Soon Forget

For optimal results: eat, sleep, and repeat. Fukuoka A port town named Hakata combined with a neighboring castle town produced what is present-day Fukuoka. Intricate...


Luxury Lodgings for the Outdoorist in Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, and more.

These California destinations prove that rugged adventures and luxury can go hand in hand. Palm Springs Palm Springs is an oasis in the desert. Well known for its hot...


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There are more ways than one to celebrate the arrival of spring. And also more places to consider going for a spring break. Consider something unexpected with these...


Tropical Island for Less: 5 Budget Friendly Experiences in Costa Rica

With many airlines offering direct flights and with the influx of expats, Costa Rica is quickly becoming an accessible and very affordable destination. Stretch out those...


Hidden Treasures Hotels in Sacramento, Sonoma, and more.

California is a land of dreams and bold adventures. Much of this is due to its varied geography where mountains meet the ocean and desserts meet forests. Hidden...

5 Stunning Springtime Destinations in Germany

Germany is a land of vastness and variety. Between its great metropolitan cities and its majestic mountain ranges, there are experiences to entice every kind of...


Southern Charm Hotels in Jacksonville, Charleston and more.

Many things equate to Southern Charm: wrap-around porches, giant oak trees dripping with moss, and pitchers of sugary sweet tea. But cities in the Deep South are more...

A panoramic of Big Beach

Paradise Bound in Maui, Kauai, and more

With an abundance of beautiful coastline all over the country, you might be hard pressed to decide on which to claim for your next vacation. Sun soaked states like...

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