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Hannah Felice

I am The Perfect Cube Hannah. I was born and raised in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo which makes me Asian but not Chinese. I am now permanently living in the USA. I have been traveling extensively across North America and before I landed here, I had travelled to 18 countries in 2 continents and had lived in Thailand for 5 months. When I am not in the USA or in home country, I will most likely be in Bangkok, Thailand or Bali, Indonesia. I am a self-taught ukulele player and I love raccoons.


So Grand

Grand Canyon, as you can see, just the way it is.


This is my "Dear Diary" post on my first, very significant trip outside Asia that I value so much. This trip was my first trip on long haul flight, which I...


These are the best people I've met while I was traveling alone in Thailand. Rita, a world traveling Taiwanese, Jeremy from France and Roman from Germany, all I met...

How the (beauty of) USA is changing my mind

I’ve never had a dream to see the USA, not even when I met my then-boyfriend (now my husband) in 2013. Because of difficulties in life and technical procedure...


Tunnel Vision from under the hoodoos of Wall Street

The Navajo Loop Trail descends from Sunset Point through the slot canyon of Wall Street at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.Upon reaching the bottom of Wall Street,...

Tokyo: The 15 hours layover guide

What to do when you have a long layover in Tokyo, Japan? After recent layover in Tokyo for 15 hours, I told myself that you can definitely still have fun while in...


“You are a world traveler, wow you’re so lucky!”

Quoting my favorite traveler’s blogger, Nomadic Matt: “When I meet people and tell them about what I do or how long I have been traveling, their response is...

Extraordinary, overwhelming experience at underrated Transylvania

Romania or any country in Eastern Europe had never been on my list. I was on my first ever winter trip to France with my partner and the motivation was… snow. I...

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