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Hemeryck Tine

Hi there! I’m Belgian, I’m a freelance journalist, I made my first real trip abroad when I was 8 (as a member of a folk dancing group) and I have been traveling ever since. Here are my stories, videos and pictures!


Five weirdly named snacks you should try

You’re in a foreign country, you’re hungry but you just can’t figure out what the weirdly named snacks on the menu card stand for… I’d say: go ahead and try...


The fountain gardens of Peterhof

500 acres, 200+ statues, 144 fountains and a whole lot of decadence. The Peterhof Palace near Saint Petersburg is one of Russia’s most famous sites. Tsar Peter the...


Maspalomas: shaped by the sea, the wind and … bare naked bums

It’s not unusual to find sand near a coastline, but it is when you’re talking about a massive dune field rising up next to the ocean, with sand hills as high as 12...


Europe’s largest thermal baths

Leukerbad is a small mountain village in Switzerland, with just 1.500 inhabitants. At first sight, it looks a sleepy, motionless and unexciting little town, but as soon...


Sigiriya: a kingdom on a rock

In Sigiriya, right in the centre of Sri Lanka, you’ll find one of the most impressive landscapes of the island: a giant and steep granite rock that rises from the...


Rebuilding homes (and hope) after the 2004 tsunami

On the 26th of December 2004, exactly nine years ago, a tsunami hit Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia, killing an estimated 230.000 people in fourteen countries. The...


The colossal cliffs of Moher

They say it’s Ireland’s most spectacular coastline and I see no reason to counter that. The cliffs of Moher are a stretch of 8 kilometer stone giants, rising 124...


Five of Sardinia’s stunning surprises

The Italian island of Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a great place to discover by car. We drove all the way from Cagliari in the south...


Moose spotting in Algonquin Park

Autumn is said to be the best season to visit Canada’s Parks: no crowds, plenty of wildlife and lots of spectacular viewing points to witness the country’s vibrant...


Iceland’s Golden Circle route

Gigantic glaciers, icy blue lakes, mighty volcanoes, deep craters and steaming hot geysers, Iceland has it all. And as if mother nature wanted us to be comfortable,...

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