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Jacquelyn Vadnais

Hello Readers! For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Jacquelyn Vadnais and it is a pleasure to meet you! Per the request of many friends, I am finally taking their advice and blogging about my international experiences. To give a background of myself, I just recently finished a JD/MBA from Suffolk University in Boston and have decided to pack my bags and emigrate to Latin America immediately!Many people have asked me why on earth I decided to move to Latin America after finishing such a prestigious program, however, once you get to know me you will see that I am truly world traveler at heart who gets such joy from experiencing fantastic cultures around the world. This is the reason that I have traveled to 50 countries (and counting!) in my life and have lived in 10 (and also counting!)I plan on giving my readers a first-hand guide on how to travel beyond the guidebook and truly experience where you are visiting and/or living for a time through the lens of a local. Based on my experiences with international culture, world heritage sites, delicious global cuisine, and diverse wines, I plan on sharing with you a piece of my unique adventures. These adventures have truly provided me with an invaluable world class education that is arguably equally as essential as the education that I received in the classroom.

How to See Angkor Wat on a Budget

Many have asked me how I was able to backpack through Southeast Asia before I began graduate school. I always found this question rather entertaining because if one does...

Macau – More than a Gambling Destination

Even though Macau has a reputation for gambling and extravagance that is closely reached by boat from Hong Kong, I would like to present another aspect that Macau has to...

Lake Titicaca – Fascinating Cultures Combined with Picturesque Views!

When I was interning in Lima, Peru a few years back, I was elated at the prospect of taking weekend trips to see more of Peru. Having visited, Cuzco and Machu Picchu one...

My Worthwhile Layover in Doha, Qatar!

On my way to Africa last summer, I had many layover options to choose from. However, due to finances, I was forced to settle on a ticket to Johannesburg from Madrid on...

The Affordable Foodie's Paradise!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of finally visiting Mendoza, Argentina. I had been waiting precisely five years to visit the Malbec capital of the world and was...

Tirta Gangga – Bali's Hidden Paradise

When I was traveling in Bali in 2011, I was challenged to find activities that were outside of the resorts catered to foreign tourists in Kuta. Fortunately, I became...


The Boat Tour You Must Take In Ushuaia, Argentina

One of my favorite activities that I participated in while visiting Ushuaia, Argentina was an unexpected two hour boat tour that I signed up for at sunset. Many friends...

Ayutthaya – The Affordable Day Trip From Bangkok!

When I was backpacking in Southeast Asia, I did not have an unlimited amount of money to spend. Thus, I was challenged to find affordable yet meaningful day trips. One...


Yes… There Is Wine Tasting In Santorini, Greece

My wine tasting adventure in Santorini, Greece was caused by conversation with a waitress at a restaurant in Oia and a recommendation scribbled on a napkin. As a result...


Jorge Amado – A Brazilian Author or Undiscovered Legendary Cocktail?

A perpetual habit of mine is picking the most unusual looking cocktail on the menu when I am traveling. This is how I found the Jorge Amado, which was a cocktail from...

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