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Jan Sevilla

A quixotic nomadic chick & a writer by accident with some difficulty of having her subject agree to her verb. Catch more of my travel murmurs @

Uncorking Bordeaux

In many ways, a story can always be written and at times, be told. If I have to start mine, I’d like begin in the region of Bordeaux. Now, this is a story about...


A writer’s affair in midair

On some occasions, certain details are more questionable than others. For example: the day of the week. Could it still be Friday? Most likely. But it surely wasn’t a...

SO it is – in the bed of the artists

There’s a new wind blowing in Bangkok. It’s not that it’s going to storm. It’s a kind of breeze, refreshing enough to cool down the sweltering heat, and the kind...


A fresh getaway – Healthcare Holiday

Yes you’ve been to Kuala Lumpur! You’ve been wowed by the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, dazzled by beguiling ancient temples and mosques that lie in the shadows of...


"Veni, vidi, vici Malaysia!”

In my early days, whenever I heard the word Malaysia, it made me think of the Twin Towers, low-priced gas, the mouth watering chicken satay, tropical rain forests, the...


The four-legged Zen master

The sight of a solid, 20-inch bluish-green body adorned with protruding red spots greeted us. In perfect stillness, I saw him glued to the wall like an exquisite...


Borneo's first and last stop

From the deck of a speeding motor boat scuttling along at 25 knots, I saw Sabah’s capital; Kota Kinabalu growing fainter every second until it finally blended in with...

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