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Jason Harris

I'm Jay from the popular adventure travel blog Jays Odyssey. I travel the world in search of stories that are off the beaten path. I seek to travel in an "Immersive" way rather than " I got the pic and the T-shirt". I believe that everyone has a story, and I want to travel the world to hear it!Feel free to read my articles here and also to check out my awesome website at


Fabulous 4th

Shot from a restricted access media platform on the top of M.I.T.’s green building. This shot encompasses the very essence and wonder of this celebration.


The Parthenon – Mini Series On Civilization Episode # 2

Let’s hop a jet as we fly across the ocean to Ancient Greece. Here we find another one of civilizations greatest wonders, The Parthenon. This magnificent structure...


Stonehenge – Mini Series On Civilization Episode # 1

Today we journey to Southern England along the A303 to find one the the most fascinating structures of our time! I know it’s the obvious place everyone thinks about...


Living with a dragon – Phoenix in the summer

I can feel the heat as I open the door to the condo, my helmet strapped on my head. The heat hits me like a wall of flame, instantly causing sweat to start to form on my...


Watching Life Roll By – People watching at its best!

As a traveler I often have time to just sit and watch the world roll by, and it’s fascinating what I see. This post is a chance for me to share it with you. I did not...

businessman businesswoman using laptop and tablet at airport

The speed of travel – Not all WiFi is created equal

When it comes to staying connected on the road, some of a traveler’s toughest challenges are often WIFI access. Sure most hotels/hostels offer some sort of free/semi...



HOPEFULLY NOT THIS CARD! As traveler's across the world, a lot of us rely on cash. Sometimes, ATMS are hard to find, and other times we are in parts where the...

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