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Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm is the social media manager at the charity Tourism Concern since Jan 2011, and holds a Masters degree in Responsible Tourism Management from Leeds Met University (UK, 2012). Jeanett has a Bachelor degree in Human Geography from the University of Oslo, Norway, including a year's exchange studies in Buenos Aires at La Universidad de Salvador. Her minor is in Anthropology. Previously, Jeanett worked as an assistant in a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts in Norway, an event assistant & community manager for the NGO Bridges for Music in South Africa, and as the booker of a Spanish major DJ coordinating his attendance at various global events. Prior to that she served as a Spanish teacher at a college in Oslo. While studying and working traveling has always been a priority, and Jeanett has pursued the dream of living in several places. She has also worked sporadically as a model throughout the years, particularly on Ibiza.For the final research project of her Master’s degree Jeanett lived 6 months in Cape Town researching tourism practices & impacts in deprived townships.Responsible travel, human rights & yoga have been passions in Jeanett’s life for many years, together with a persistent appeal to value sub cultures within the music scene. Now her dream is to develop a career within the tourism industry by telling creative, socially & politically aware stories about people & places and her own travels, as well as continue researching & consulting organisations, assisting in developing Responsible Tourism management

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