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Jeff Schneider

Born and raised in Luxembourg, studied in Strasbourg, worked in Paris and New York & backpacked through Southeast Asia. Passionate about new cultures and people, exotic food and traveling, marketing & social media, eCommerce and technology.

8 Undeniable Reasons To Visit Istanbul Right Now

The city on the mighty Bosphorus has developed into one of the most atmospheric places in the western hemisphere. It’s a place where cultures collide, and the outcome...

Three Awesome Car Parks from Around the World

A closer look at surprisingly well-designed car parks On the whole, car parks are not widely regarded as paragons of the cutting edge in design and architecture. Indeed,...

Vietnam’s best hidden natural scenery

You visited the world famous Halong Bay and hordes of tourists ruined your trip? Well….let me introduce you to a place that is as unique as Halong Bay, but largely...


36 old streets and guilds

Life in the narrow lanes of the Old Quarter, Hanoi’s most popular neighborhood, is hectic and noisy. Each street has specialized in a certain type of craft, and...

How to make the best of Chiang Mai

My arrival in Chiang Mai was anything but perfect. Arriving by overnight train from Bangkok, I had to deal with what is probably Thailand's most rudest hostel staff...


Guards of the past

Hanoi’s historic district of Ba Dinh Square contains the cultural heritage of the country: the Temple of Literature (Vietnam’s first university), the Ho Chi Minh...

The ONE place you really need to see in Malaysia

Located off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, George Town is famous for its unique architectural and cultural townscape, which has received UNESCO World Heritage...


Best nightlife spots in Bangkok

It’s hard to love Bangkok on your first visit. Roads are congested around the clock, tuktuks try to rip you off at every occasion and skytrains only connect a part of...


Set back in time

It didn’t take me long to realize that the people in Mawlamyine were not yet used to spot foreigners. By early afternoon, I had still not seen any other foreigners. I...


A hill tribe pet spa

Hsipaw is a small village in Shan State and starting point for most trekking tours to the Palaung ethnic minorities. During the half-day uphill trek, we walked over...

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