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Julia Hudson

I'm Julia Hudson, a.k.a. The Epic Adventurer, and I write all about independent, sustainable, and culturally-sensitive travel. I'm a professional travel writer, editor, and digital marketer based out of Boston. I love inspiring people to travel and promoting economically and environmentally responsible tourism. Besides the nitty-gritty of travel how-tos, I think a lot about the ways that traveling shapes our sense of identity. Being foreign is always an eye-opening experience, and we carry complex responsibilities and freedoms as we move around our planet.

Leaving my baggage at home: How a life of travel is changing me

I was recently invited to submit an essay to an online journal run by my alma mater, about global citizenship. Needless to say, this is right up my alley, and I happily...


Why it's not okay to make fun of an expat's homeland

I've been turning this one over in my head for a few days now – I haven't been sure if I wanted to post about it, mainly because I try to avoid writing...


Travel inspiration for your day…

Enjoy this little gem, from Natalie Babbitt.


A beautiful morning in London

I nearly titled this post "a relaxing morning in London," but as I've spent the morning going over to-do lists and strategizing the best way to get my...


Mid-year round-up: All the posts you might have missed in 2014

With the summer solstice this past weekend, I wanted to take a moment to round up some of my favorite pieces from The Epic Adventurer this year. Sometimes, the world of...


I'm moving to London, and I need your help!

This year has been one of change. And honestly, it's all been really, really necessary change – moving, reevaluating relationships, and prioritizing myself...


Accents and Isolation

I ended up in a really interesting conversation yesterday with a coworker, and just had to share. See, this particular woman is Barbadian, and has a fairly strong accent...


What sustainable tourism really means, Part II

For me, sustainable tourism ultimately means that travelers are interacting with a destination in a way that is mutually beneficial for the traveler and for the locals....


What sustainable tourism really means, Part I

So I was thinking about this a lot last night, and got really fired up and had to write it down. When travel writers and bloggers talk about sustainable tourism, it is...


Prague's wartime history and contemporary art scene

Prague, the ancient “City of a Thousand Spires,” is known for its landscape filled with churches and red terra-cotta roofs … its subterranean pivovars (beer...

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