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Keith Kellett

Keith Kellett spends his ‘retirement’ travelling, writing, photographing, videoing and blogging about food and drink, beer, old cars, railways, beer, steam engines, history and historical re-enactments, bygones, beer, gardens, travel, beer and brewing, nature and the outdoors and beer. Sometimes, he gets published; sometimes, he even gets paid! He operates a blog ( and has written two books ‘One Thing Leads to Another’ and 'When the Boat Comes In'He’s originally from Cumbria, but now lives in Southern England, near Salisbury, just (I was going to say, a stone’s throw) a short distance from the ancient stones of Stonehenge, where he’s a volunteer at the Visitor Centre when time permits..



‘I am SO going to peck you!’


Norwegian Coast

It was listed on the programme as an ‘At Sea’ day. But, we were sailing up the Norwegian coast in winter, so there was plenty to see.

The Gorges of Crete

Most people who visit the Greek island of Crete who are able to do it, make a traverse of the Samaria Gorge. This is the longest canyon in Europe, and the walk is about...


Ghost Gums

Gum trees in the early morning light in the Red Centre of Australia, King’s Canyon.


Shanghai By Night

To see Shanghai at its best, I really recommend the Pudong River Night Cruise. It’s crowded, but worth enduring the pushing and shoving.


Queensland Whale Watch

I think it says a lot for Australian conservationists that, when a rare white humpback whale was spotted off the coast of Queensland, they didn’t immediately christen...


It Doesn't Always Rain in Bergen

We had been warned that it’s usually raining in Bergen, but it wasn’t when our cruise ship called there. Everything was so crisp and clear it was almost impossible...



I'm opening my blog with a picture and a video about Stonehenge, which is only about three miles from my home. They say charity begins at home … so, why not...

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