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Lisa Eldridge

A freelance travel writer and Bronze Winner of the Best Avis Travel Blogs 2013. I have travelled to 76 countries and 40 of them as a solo traveller and want to help inspire others to travel independently, smarter and ethically.


A Female Guide To Solo Travel: Discover Your Eat Pray Love

Empowering and inspiring, A Female Guide to Solo Travel will dispel any travel myths you have about going solo and help you to overcome any roadblocks that are blocking...


The ‘Seedy’ Red Light District

Walking around the Red Light district in Amsterdam I was shocked. Not shocked by the scantily-clad women, the seedy back streets or the men lining up for their evening...


In a Lost Civilisation

I can barely see before me as the walls appear to snake in and out. I gingerly take each step carefully, unsure of the direction I am walking. All I can hear are...


A Tribal Land

There is something so special about Namibia; its stunning desert, skeleton coast and quirky German towns. Africa is where mankind is thought to have begun, and 400,000...


The Moose Hunt

‘Will I see any moose?’ was my first question before I signed up for a adventure trip into the Canadian Wilderness. ‘Yes,’ they replied. I was sold and booked...

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