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María Lucaya Castán

Born in Madrid, Spain, around the early nineties, and currently living more or less abroad whenever I get the chance. My name is María, student of Spanish and Communication Studies by the Universidad de Navarra, in Pamplona (the city of San Fermines), Spain. I had the fortune of having well traveled parents, that always encouraged me to do so. And here I am, writing for Kiss of the World to let you see what I see during my trips. Traveling makes you see, seeing makes you think, think... Think makes you see


The philosophy button

Let's see if I can describe this next post without falling into clichés and "marketiziced" phrases. To say that "Canada will make you fall in...


A Complete Weekend: 1000 Islands, Niágara Falls and Toronto

1000 Islands A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I did a little trip to Toronto, passing through the Gananoque region to see the 1000 Islands and Niagara Falls....

Routines. Rutinas

Once a month and a half (almost two) have passed by in Montréal I can say that I have established a routine. And that routine. Getting up on Friday morning, yet early,...


A road trip in Quebec: a historical town, falls and whale watching

Quebec City Friday morning. Early in the morning. My roommates and I set off to downtown to pick up the car. We’re going on three days roadtrip through Quebec...


The fall

Leaves turn red, orange, yellow during the following weeks in Canada.


Heaven and Earth

Road trip to Tadoussac. Stopping on our way to contemplate this wonder.


Montréal, Canada. The first step

Hello there readers! This year the blog adventure is moved to Montréal, Canada. It'll be freezing cold, but despite of this I promise to write, take lots of...

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