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Maria Yates

I'm a native of Portugal, now living in Toronto, Canada. My passion for travel has taken me throughout Canada, the Caribbean, the U.S. and several European countries. Cruising is my preferred method of transportation, but I'm not picky. I'm as comfortable having afternoon tea in a 5-star hotel as I am jigging for cod in a Prince Edward Island fishing trawler. My favorite sport is people watching and, oh ya, I love food.


Winter Wonderland

A crisp snowshoe-walk through s snow-covered field, led to this stunning sight: frozen waterfalls.

Luxurious Weekend at Waldorf Astoria

If you are from Toronto, as I am, New York City is not the first place that comes to mind when planning a winter getaway. There’s snow here. There’s snow there. In...

My Stay at the Intercontinental Toronto Yorkville

Before 2015 rolled in I took my yearly pilgrimage to Yorkville, which, without a doubt, is one of Toronto's swankiest areas. It's also my personal favorite...

Can Santa Make it to the Caribbean?

I’m standing on the balcony under the blazing sun, eyeing the morning surroundings through fold-away binoculars, the kind you slip into a pocket of a Tilley travel...

Happy Holidays Detroit

Detroit is bursting with construction. With it comes a ‘look-forward’ view and a sense of optimism. Buildings, grand Victorian architecture, are being saved from...


Three Days In Lisbon: A Love Story

Mags and Marty met outside Buckingham Palace thirty-nine years ago. She was twenty-eight. He was thirty. They have loved each other since then. Kept an ocean apart, they...

Checking Out Detroit

Motor City. Hockey Town. Detroit. It’s gritty. It’s hard. It’s tough, and … it’s a heck of a lot of fun! I’ve avoided Detroit city for well over twenty...

How To Spend a Day at Sea

If you've ever been on a cruise, you know there are days at sea, and days in port. The days at sea are filled with activities, organized by the Entertainment...

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