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Mark Swain

Mark Swain was born in Singapore in 1958, where his father was stationed in the RAF. He has lived in many countries, and as a young man found it hard to break the habit of a nomadic life, spending a great deal of his youth hitchhiking around Europe.With a low boredom threshold, Mark has had dozens of jobs and quite a few careers, but only one wife. Studying Graphic Design at Hastings College of Art, he ran off and joined the Army in search of adventure. Later he found himself travelling the world on the QE2 as a silver-service waiter and caught up in a war. This life has given him plenty of source material and inspiration for writing.Mark particularly enjoys the Short Story form, admiring American short story writers such as Raymond Carver, Richard Brautigan and Richard Ford as well as classic short story writers Franz Kafka and Anton Chekov. He is also a great admirer of George Orwell, John Steinbeck, Norman Maclean, Albert Camus and Jonathan Raban. Two collections of Mark's own short stories - including the award winning story 'Special Treatment' - have been released by his UK publisher, Tinderbox Publishing Ltd along with the bestselling "Long Road, Hard Lessons" a non-fiction book with photographs and maps about a 10,000-mile life-changing cycle journey he made with his teenage son from Ireland to Japan.Shoehorned into his busy life, Mark enjoys film, motorcycling, long-board surfing, cycle touring, English micro-pubs, growing vegetables, travelling in his VW Camper-van, drawing, painting and sculpture. He is at home in England, but is constantly travels.

Camino Primitivo de Santiago

A Question of Belief Presenting myself before one of the "Grand Inquisitors" at the office of the Archbishopric in the ancient Spanish city of Santiago de...


Early Morning on the Camino Primitivo to Santiago de Compostela

The Camino Primitivo is a pilgrimage walk from Sabrayo in Asturias to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. In summer it is necessary to begin walking at dawn each...


The Palio of Siena

Tuscany in Italy has created and still houses some of the greatest works of art mankind has ever produced. Spending time in this region I find myself wondering why....


Only Eight Thousand More Miles To Ride

In 2009 my teenage son Sam and I set off to cycle from the west of Ireland to Japan. It had been Sam’s boyhood dream. We’ll train on the way, we said. This...



A victim of a workplace accident, Dave lives alone. His Postlady’s daily visit is one of the highlights of an otherwise dull life. He used to be able to win over...


Leila’s Dowry

A traditional Moroccan tale of a widowed baker who cherishes the donkey that was his dead wife’s dowry. The donkey, however, like his master, is despised by his...


English Down The Pub: The Language As It Is Spoken

This book is written for use by both students of English and Teachers of English. It will also be of interest to those wanting to know about modern English culture. It...


Special Treatment & Other Stories

Mark Swain describes these 12 short stories as: short excursions into the lives of others. In each story we find ourselves transported – thoroughly absorbed. We are in...


The Truth In The Lie

A sparkling collection of short stories that entrance us with telling glimpses and powerful insights into people’s lives. In so little precious time we feel we know...


Long Road, Hard Lessons: Ireland to Japan by Bicycle – A Gruelling Test of a Father and Son’s Relationship

Aged 50, Mark Swain left his slippers by the fire and set off with his 18yr old son on a cycle expedition from Ireland to Japan. “We’ll train on the way,” he said....

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