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Michael Besley

I am an Australian outdoor education leader (hiking, canoeing, skiing), teacher and travel blogger, living in central Victoria. I’m a huge lover of sport and photography. I have also been known to indulging in a quiet beer from time to time. So long as the experience is pleasant and inviting, I’m happy. I love the idea of seeing somewhere new, no matter where it is. To me, travel shouldn’t just be limited to overseas; my own country has more than enough on offer. This is almost as important to me as having a good laugh. If you combine the two, you have a great trip in the making.


Sun, Sand and Wilson’s Prom

I spend a lot of time detailing different aspects of travel, predominately about overseas destinations. However, people have pointed out to me that I rarely mention...


Hoi An: A little bit of everything

I sat on my hotel balcony and looked out over the Thu Bon River. Small vessels putted their way up and down stream with locals hawking ‘cheap’ trips to the ocean or...


Bottoms up: the best places for a beer in Asia

Looking at the glutton of travel information available in magazines, blogs and via travel operators, making a list of favourite things is fairly common place....


Getting there- taking a slow boat down the Mekong

Travelling by boat throughout Asia should be on top of every travellers bucket list. If I break it down properly, I have spent more days travelling on a boat throughout...


Damp and Dirty: weather in the Vietnamese hills

Planning any holiday or trip requires a number of elements to be taken into consideration. Visas for international travel, equipment for activities, accommodation and...


Strolling Asian Markets

I will safely admit this without any fear; I’m a bit of a sucker for a nice stroll through a market. I love looking through the various stalls, admiring the items on...


Dogs – the canine locals of Asia

A lot can be said about a place, its people, its culture or its food. But its animals can tell a tale of their own. Similarly, most travellers have an interest in exotic...


Getting Spicy in Thailand

Spicy food has been a cornerstone of Asian cuisine for centuries. Chilli flakes, oils and powders are regularly found in condiment baskets on restaurant tables, ready to...


All or Nothing: Deciding how many to travel with

One of the harder things that a traveller has to decide is whether or not to travel with other people or go it alone. There are pros and cons for both sides and it...

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