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Nanu Berks

Originally from Argentina, currently based in Austin, Tx, always in movement. Nanu started hitch-hiking and backpacking the world solo, linking with places and people, while living and learning. “This creative road to loving and lingering in the micro-moments is what brightens in us compassion and teaching, so we can echo in the eyes of new dreamers, and become once again tiny particles of dust in the chain of mother earth. To me nothing in this universe compares to traveling, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and so through my words, I aim to pass on the electrical current of trust, adventure, unknowness, and momentum, so we can all benefit at least a bit, from savoring a drop of cultural mist. I must love to live, and learn to proceed, imagine to feel, find to unwind, dive deep to creep, and peek at the roots. I must, and so I do, and now I write, to share with you.”

Backpacker Evangelists.

You know how we fill up giant tubes of metal with explosive fuel, stuff them with as many people and flammable things as possible, and shoot them into the sky, at insane...


Colombia, explosives, and motorcycling indoors

Arriving at the small town of Salento, 4 hours north of Cali, the atmosphere shifts from city and graffiti, to mountains and meditation. This colonial jewel in the...


Acampando Bajo Tierra

Dicen que la mente es mas fuerte Que todo. Que el cuerpo es capaz de soportar situaciones impensables siendo guiado por el cerebro, que la fuerza no es tanto muscular...


Bolivia, Flamingos, and the Shadow of an Ocean

Backpacking Bolivia is a high voltage adventure. The roads, buses, and capitals, are clutters of commotion and craziness, but behind the scenes, beyond the cement,...

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