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Nicoletta Pavese

26 y/o, Italian, I have lived a big chunk of my life in and out of planes, moving from Milan to London, Paris ,and many more destinations. My carry-on is always ready to go.I have lived in the UK through my university years, and I have moved to Switzerland in 2012 to start my job as Sustainable Agriculture and Stewardship Specialist. Travel, food, fitness and my friends are my passions. Nothing beats the buzz of booking a flight to a new destination, and I am slowly trying to fulfill my dream of seeing the world one trip at the time.

Le Mont Saint Michele: going with the tides

A 4 hours drive West of Paris will take you many places, through rolling hills, grand Cathedrals and artists’ gardens. But there is probably one special place you (...

Underwater Paradise

Undoubtedly, after escaping the Ecolodge, even a bullet trailer in the middle of the Death Valley would have been attractive, but this is not what makes the Gilis stand...

A short guide to: pretending to be a New Yorker

The first time I went to New York i couldn’t have looked more like a tourist even If I had tried very hard. Camera around my neck, guide book at hand, annoyingly slow...

La Ville en Rose: my humble guide to Marrakech

Someone once wrote “expectations are like pottery. Hold them too tight and they crack easily”. I had packed my expectations quite tightly in my suitcase on the way...

Magaluf: how I lost my faith in humanity on my 25th birthday

25 it’s a big one. “Quarter of a century” everyone told me with a smile on their face, “a great age” some other said. Untill a few weeks ago, all it meant for...


Decaying beauty

The Monastery of Bellapais, Turkish republic of Norther Cyprus.


Norway's untold secret

I have always wanted to visit Scandinavia, and while I had a vague idea of the landscape that was waiting for me, I am ashamed to say that my knowledge of the area went...


Road trippin’ California

Along the Pacifica highway 1 from SF to LA, a shot of the beautiful coast of Big Sur.


Sunset in Luzern

A perfect moment on the shore of the Lake in Luzern, Switzerland.


Karpaz natural park

A kiss and a chance to show a wonderful side of a lesser explored island.

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