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Paige Manginello

Traveling (roadtripping) with my camera and journal is my new passion. I've traveled the world and now focusing on the National Parks and beauty of the US landscape. I use passion and dark humor to paint the picture of my photographs....there is no end to how much we can see with our eyes and mind wide open.


Opening Up in Big Bend National Park, Texas

Beautiful site of natures power…Burro Mesa Pour off…emotionally stirring of greatness.


Sunset premonitions

Walking towards my hiking destination all I could think of was the first time I ever stepped foot on this same trail. Why did I keep coming back and wondering if things...

Solo Desert Hikes in Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park in Texas is massive to say the least. Anyone who is an avid hiker knows that the statistics of getting lost on some of these desert hikes is not...


Camping under the Milky Way

Big Bend National Park in Texas is home to the darkest skies in the lower 48 states. Lucky for me, my tent was a glowing beacon to harness the Milky Way in the perfect...


Deserted Planet

Utah has an incredible way of making one feel absolute…the miles of nothingness and interesting landscape shows a picture of how another planet might look. Hiking...


Horseshoe Bend

Beautiful Horseshoe Bend gives a sprawling view to vast miles of landscape, the river flows around this carved horseshoe like figure, a short hike to this spot gives a...


A rough passage to Heaven

The scenery in this canyon is vast and rugged as the photo shows, the dried mud from the Rio Grande gives some texture to the land moving the eye up through the middle...


Balancing Rock

Hiked up to the top of this fantastic view, Balancing Rock in Big Bend National Park. Miles of landscape can be seen from this view point, it is majestic to say the...


Salt Flats Sunset

This amazing place in the middle of nowhere, looks like something from another planet. The sunset and distant mountains reflect off of the water on the salt flats.

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