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Rajiv Chopra

I have been in the corporate world all my life, and have decided to take a sabbatical from this world. I am now a budding entrepreneur in my old age. This is wonderful because, apart from giving me the freedom to paint my own canvas, and to choose the canvas, it also gives me the time to do some of the things that I really like to do. These are, to travel, to photograph and to write. I still use a Nikon D 200. I started with B&W film, and this is something that I still love. The things that I am really grateful to the corporate world are, that I got the chance to travel the world, and meet lots of very interesting people. I have, over the years, become very interested in history, physics, culture,conservation, the environment and street food! I love landscapes, street photography, people, macro photography, geometrical shapes

The Walled City of Delhi – Khari Baoli

In the next posts that I make, I shall talk about the walks that I did in the Walled City of Delhi two years ago. These walks are the subject of an e-book that I am...

Holi – Lath Maar

Holi, the festival of colour, is an ancient festival in India. Some sources place this as a festival that is over 3,000 years old. Others believe that it is 2,000 years...

A Week In Bundelkhand

This post has been a long time coming. I made this trip in August, and I am writing about this now, at the end of October. I was wondering whether I should classify it...


On Navigation Systems

I was, as I wrote, on a one week long driving trip. The question is, how do you get from point to point? More precisely, how do you navigate through the towns to get on...

Sleep Pretty Darling

I am sure most people who do not live in India would never have the courage to drive in India. You will use a driver. However, what I am writing applies to both, those...

In Benares, Jaunpur & Chunar

This was a very short trip that I made alone. I wanted to do this trip, as I want to launch photography trips later in the year. Lots of people go to Benares, and...

Driving To McLeodGanj – Day 6 & 7

We started back on the 22nd Jan, and the weather was wet and foul through the day. I had originally wanted to leave early, to allow us the time to visit the Kangra Fort,...

Driving To McLeodGanj – Day 5

On Day 5, I went out alone, which was not too bad actually. The weather had turned. January can be a bit tricky with the weather. Two days of sun, followed by two days...

Driving To McLeodGanj – Day 4

McLeodGanj is a bit of a sleepy place during the off-season months. The hotel did not serve tea or breakfast before 8 am, and I was happy enogh to have my chai and egg...

Trip To McLeodGanj – Day 3

The night we reached McLeodGanj, I had sampled some of the steamed Momos and Tomato Soup from one of the roadside stands. McLeodGanj is full of these stands, and the...

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