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Roger Luigi

Roger was born in São Paulo, but his heart is in his adopted city Curitiba. He's been living in Ireland for the past three years and he is well suited to any climate. He's travelled most of Europe and has a knack for discovering new spots in the Old Continent. Thailand is his favorite country so far. From his emotional visit to Auschwitz, facing the Russian winter in St. Petersburg, a storm at sea off the coast of Australia and reliving his childhood in Eurodisney. His dream is to visit Fernando de Noronha, Amazon, Egypt, Greece and Africa.He loves history, art, architecture, cuisine and nature. He feels just as at home in the big cities as he does in the wild. His photos include natural landscapes and urban scenes. He started travelling alone, but made many friends along the way.


Great Blue Hole: hardest place to reach of all my travels

You know those beautiful images that you see on the internet and then you think, one day I want to go to this place! So, this was the case with the Blue Hole, a vertical...


Johnstown Castle

Granny and Grandpa celebrating in Ireland their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Johnstown Castle in the background, a romantic place in County Wexford.


Temple Bar

Temple Bar is a very special area in Dublin because it’s where the commemorations and celebrations happen throughout the year. Temple Bar is much more than a cluster...


Happy New Year!

When the last day of the year arrived, the place that I would always like to be is on the beach of Copacabana in the countdown to the New Year, waiting anxiously for the...


Winter Solstice in Newgrange

This is a post for history lovers, as Newgrange was constructed over 5,000 years ago, around 3200 BC. Thus, it is older than Stonehenge in England and the Great Pyramids...


Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is Australia's most famous beach with glorious golden sand, stunning surf and a vibrant seaside village. It is about 1 kilometre long and receives many...


Casapueblo Carlos Vilaró

When I was in Uruguay, I took a quick trip to Montevideo and spent many days on the beaches of Rocha. Punta Del Este, with its casinos, upscale hotels and expensive...



Situated on the Kings River, the village of Kells lies nestled amid fertile farmland in the South of County Kilkenny, about 15km south of the medieval city of Kilkenny....


Inle Lake

Dawns. The long, thin motor canoe has padded seats and blankets, a true luxury! Our guide navigates a small canal, the large lake just in front of us. A canoe unlike...



My desire to go to the Sahara desert was so great that I spend 13 hours travelling by bus from Marrakesh to Merzouga, village localizated at 20 km from Algeria. The...

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