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Sally Zeunert

Traveller, aspiring photographer, blogger, quote addict, and into all things inspirational....I've left life in Australia to follow my dream and live in Paris!My passport has been adorned with stamps from over 50 countries, but in 2013 I sold my apartment, quit my job, and returned to the destination that captured my heart the most – Paris! A chance meeting with a Parisienne girl in India the year before helped me obtain a visa for France…..and an apartment in the heart of Paris.Seeking a change in my life direction, I have spent the last year living in the City of Lights, taking photographs, learning French, and blogging about the beautiful sights.I am now contemplating my next steps….and will see what unfolds in the next instalment of my life abroad!

A breath of fresh air: 5 of Paris' best parks

Paris has many beautiful parks and gardens that are very inviting for a stroll or a picnic on a sunny day. So make the most of the autumn weather while it lasts,...


The charming villages of Provence

In bloom from mid-June to mid-August, many a tourist is drawn to Provence to view the purple lavender fields, and to sample some of the products made from it. Throw into...


A Parisian Summer

Visiting Paris this summer? There are loads of great activities you can partake in with a real summery vibe – from free concerts, to having a picnic along the Seine,...


Vive le Tour!

I certainly don’t consider myself a cycling fan, but living in France, it's a rite of passage to partake in the spectacle of the Tour de France! Last year, for...


The mystique of the boulangerie

If I asked what images you conjure up upon the mention of “France”, what would your response be? Cafes? Wine? Cheese? The Eiffel Tower? …..I daresay the bakery...


It's been a year….!

Around this time last year, I posted the following quote on my facebook wall: "This year I am choosing to live beyond my wildest dreams. I wonder where they'll...

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