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Sara Alexis

I started my life out in a city just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, migrating to Australia after I got my degree, in order to get a graduate diploma in Education. I am a qualified teacher, who travels the world chasing the teaching jobs I find. Previously having taught at an international school in Thailand, I just finished a school year in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. After the school year ended, I have been on an epic road trip from Whitehorse to Halifax, eventually will be headed back to Toronto area, before I take off again to teach at an international school in the Marshall Islands. My passion for traveling and teaching leads me to teach wherever I can enjoy the ability to do what I love and adventure around a nd experience new cultures in the meantime.

say transition one more time

I get it, everyone goes through a transition when you move somewhere new. Whether it's a new city, new country, new continent. Hell even new jobs you have a...

Carry-on essentials

Sitting at the airport hotel in Casablanca, Morocco, and I realized I have made rookie mistakes when packing my carry-on (backpack) for my flight from Paris, France, to...

Tuna boats

I started to think about writing about this amazing helicopter ride I went on only a few afternoons ago. How cool it was to see the island I am living on from above. As...


Shooting in a Bubble

I double exposed the picture using a photo I took of bubbles being made outside the Sagrada Familia, with a photo my ex took of me taking photos outside the Sagrada...


Sunrise over the pacific

Every morning I wake up before the sun, and I go sit on the rocks outside my apartment and watch as the sun comes up over the horizon. I am lucky enough to live (at the...


We travellers tend to toot our own horns

I am starting to feel like we travellers like to toot our own horns a little too much. I am constantly reading these articles or blog posts about how brave we are.; how...


Things to Consider When Traveling by Plane

I have had a few trips by plane in my life so far, and though I do not claim to be an expert on flight travel, I have learned quite a few things over the years. There...


lyrics that sing to your traveling soul

I have always been a huge music buff. I may not be musically inclined, but in high school I was very often referred to as 'the girl with the headphones on'....

Alone on the open road

When I set out to take a road trip across Canada, by myself, people had many opinions. There was this overlying theme of people assuming that I would be lonely, and that...

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