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Sarah Gallo

Sarah graduated early from New York University with honors in Media, Culture, and Communications (with a minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology). She has been to over thirty countries spanning over six continents and lives life to the fullest. If she cannot find a companion to travel with, she will simply explore a country on her own. Her highlights include paragliding through the Swiss Alps, ringing in the New Year on Copacabana, eating her way through Italy, trekking through Patagonia, seeing sea lions bathe their newborn pups in the Galápagos Islands, hiking from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee, and polar plunging on Christmas Day in Antarctica.


Crossing from Nicaragua to Costa Rica BY FOOT

We were worried that getting from Ometepe, Nicaragua to Liberia, Costa Rica would prove troublesome, but it wasn’t at all. Actually, all things considered, it went...


Isla Ometepe: Land of the Volcanoes

To get from Playa Maderas to Isla Ometepe proved much easier than it looked on paper. First, we decided to take the 30 minute shuttle back to San Juan del Sur to wander...


Don't Want To Party In San Juan Del Sur? Head To Playa Maderas Instead!

San Juan del Sur is known as party-central for Nicaragua. Since neither Philip nor I are big partiers, and “Sunday Funday” sounded unappealing, we decided to skip...

Las Isletas & Volcán Mombacho with Erik Tours

One of the big draws to Granada is the Isletas tour. The Isletas are a set of islands located southeast of Granada, in Lake Nicaragua, that were originally formed due to...


Wandering Granada

To get from León to Granada, take a bus from León to Managua then another bus from Managua to Granada, a city which instantly captured my heart. The colonial buildings...


Wake Boarding? Check. Sand Boarding? Check. Volcano Boarding?! CHECK!

One of the only things I knew about Nicaragua before planning this trip was that it offered Volcano Boarding down Cerro Negro. Yes, you heard that right: Volcano...


From Managua to León…

We never had any intention of actually staying in Managua so after re-organizing our packs we passed out, knowing that we were heading to Léon early in the morning. To...


And This Is Why You Should Have Travel Insurance!

When preparing for a flight, there’s always the “what ifs” – What if we get stuck in traffic and the plane takes off without me? What if my luggage is lost?...

Piedra del Peñol-Guatape-Colombia-Kiss-From-The-WOrld

Piedra del Peñol

To the boy that climbed 740 steps up a rock face, carried my board up a volcano, helped with my trekkers pack, picked mango out of my teeth, kept me warm, and never lost...

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