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Sarah Richard

Twenty something travel blogger originally from the UK Sarah has successfully chosen the life of a global gypsy travelling over 30 countries in the last 3 years working as a Divemaster, volunteering as a English teacher and everything in between. Follow her blog as she blows bubbles, takes photos and shares her experience wherever it is she wakes up that week.

Sorry I haven't written I've been having too much fun

To whom it may concern, Forgive me, but I've been having too much fun. I long to tell you all about Hong Kong and how it has stolen my heart, but I just can't...


10 (and a half) reasons to let your kids travel

Tell me I don't have the experience, ask me how I know, roll your eyes at my naivety. Because you’re right- I’m not a parent,I have no idea what it’s like to...


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solo Travel

I arrived on the idealic island of Utila in Hondruas on a summer morning alone and grumpy after 2 days of travelling. I sat and watched the sun set alone and ate dinner...


Curious shark and hundreds of fish

A once in a lifetime dive… ‘Pictures say a thousand words, underwater pictures say a million’.

My first impressions of living in Micronesia-The unknown country

I haven’t quite put my finger on what Micronesia is really like yet, and how it is to be living here. A. Because i spend around 90% of my time either exploring the...

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