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Shaun Robertson

Hi, I’m Shaun; lover of memorable experiences, great food, and overall awesome times. I live to travel and aim to measure my life by the experiences gained through it. My blog "This Life in Trips" is a collection of those experiences as well as a place to inspire and educate others who are looking to find more out of life.Before my first backpacking trip in 2006 my life seemed vanilla and unfulfilled. I had successfully worked my way into a comfortable situation with a cushy well-paid job yet I felt lost and poor. I was walking the path of a life decided by monetary worth and possessions which made me restless and uneasy. I knew that there had to be more to it then the car you drive or waiting out your days till you can collect a pension. Unhappy with what my life had become I put my career on hold and traveled for a year. During that time away I found happiness and my true passion, good times and writing about them.Once I returned to my normal day to day routine I quickly realized that living that life was not for me. To stay sane I traveled as much as possible and by any means possible. I became well versed in budget travel and found that the corners of the earth are reachable no matter your budget. I began feeling alive and lived for these trips as I found that I was happiest while traveling and exploring. For the past 7 years I have written about my adventures that have taken me from the Arctic Ocean to the South Pacific. They have included football games in San Francisco to Buenos Aires, concerts in the Pacific Northwest to water puppets in

How to Reykjavik in 3 Days

No Siri, I don’t want to share how to “wreck your dick” in 3 days. Very funny. Last time I try to use dictation to do a blog post. No, I am sharing my favorite...

On with the (Ladyboy) Show!

Seeing a ladyboy show in Thailand definitely wasn't on the to-do list. We avoided the many invitations to various sex shows in Bangkok yet there I was, front row at...


Making Friends at The Nest Koh Samui

Tucked away down a dirt alley in the quiet beach town of Bophut you’ll find a sanctuary unlike any other on the island of Samui. The Nest Koh Samui is a collection of...


Cooking with Turkish Flavours in Istanbul

Cooking with Turkish Flavours in Istanbul When people ask me what it is that makes my favorite countries stand out, the food almost always has something to do with it....


Kale Konak – A Cappadocia Cave Hotel Above the Rest

While looking for unique accommodations in Cappadocia I found out that cave hotels are all the rage. Sold. A Cappadocia cave hotel, for those of you that can't put...


A Most Unique Amsterdam Accommodation – Hotel de Windketel Review

When I originally set out looking for a unique Amsterdam accommodation I had a houseboat in mind. Staying in a floating hotel is different and definitely has a charming...


A Couple Dam Hungry Birds – An Amsterdam Foodie Tour Review

When I first visited Amsterdam I remember thinking that the food was bad. Really bad. To be fair I had just come from Italy where I was on a steady diet of mind-blowing...

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