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Simon Proudman

Has a travel addiction, loves history, geology, punk, and sampling local food and beer. A bottle of wine and fresh bread & cheese on a beach is luxury travel.


Vanuatu: Far Flung Places Guide

The only current detailed guide to the islands of Vanuatu, with invaluable information not just on the main islands, but also the more rarely visited outer islands....


The tallest building in the world…in 1330

On the northern edge of the Kara Kum desert in Turkmenistan are the remains of the important Silk Road trading post of Gurganj. It was the capital of Khorezm, a small...

A Graveyard for Caterpillars

It is a sad fact that some of the most beautiful spots on earth have some of the most sought after commodities underground, such as the uranium under Kakadu national...


Another Journey by Train. Samarkand to Bukhara

I have always enjoyed traveling by train. It probably dates back to my childhood. We did not have much money when I was growing up, and yet almost every weekend my...

I want to be a Troglodyte. The Cave houses of Cappadocia

Volcanic eruptions two million years ago caused the region of Cappadocia to be covered by thick ash, which became soft rock (or in geological terms,Tuff). Erosion over...

Walking on the Aral Sea

This is the Aral Sea. The photo above was taken from Moynak harbour wall, where you can now see the local fishing fleet stranded. It was a fishing village once home to...


Turkmenistan: Adventures on the Silk Road

A Far Flung Places Travel Guide Turkmenistan is a remarkable country with beautiful and rarely visited ancient ruins from the Silk Road. Highlights include the ancient...


The Gate to Hell

We left Ashgabat around lunchtime in a convoy of three 4WD cars, packed with tents, sleeping bags, food, water, and, of course, many bottles of Vodka. We were heading to...


The largest city in the world

In the twelfth century Merv had over a million inhabitants and was considered to be the largest city on earth for some years. It spread over hundreds of acres, on the...


Prince Philip is a God. Life in a Kastam village. Tanna, Vanuatu

Tanna gets a bad press from inhabitants of the other islands of Vanuatu. Whenever a burglary or crime occurs in Port Vila on the main Efate island 'Man blong...

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